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On Demand License Management Current - Security Guide


Managing information system security is a priority for every organization. In fact, the level of security provided by software vendors has become a differentiating factor for IT purchase decisions. Quest strives to meet standards designed to provide its customers with their desired level of security as it relates to privacy, confidentiality, integrity and availability.

This document describes the security features of Quest On Demand License Management. This includes access control, protection of customer data, secure network communication, and cryptographic standards.

About On Demand License Management

On Demand License Management is a cloud based service that provides license management services for Office 365 tenants. License Management optimizes your Office 365 license investment by identifying cost saving measures and areas of underutilization to get more return from existing licenses.

The majority of these services are delivered via Microsoft Azure cloud services. The exception being the user interface, which is delivered using Amazon Web Services CDN network.

On Demand License Management is dependent on On Demand Core.

Azure datacenter security

Microsoft Azure datacenters have the highest possible physical security and are considered among the most secure and well protected datacenters in the world. They are subject to regular audits and certifications including Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1, SOC 2 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005. Relevant references with additional information about the Windows Azure datacenter security are listed below.

Overview of data handled by License Management

Each relational database module defines roles for services and grants granular access rights to a single database schema. Those object-level permissions include select grant for views and table valued functions and execute for stored procedures.

The data synchronization process ingests AAD data into staging tables using Bulk Copy and is discarded immediately. Data is not persistent or cached in transit.

For all users, On Demand License Management requests and stores the following data:

For groups, the following data is also requested and stored:

In addition to the above, for users with a trial or paid subscription, On Demand License Management requests and stores the following data:

The User Display Name is used for searching. Email is displayed in user details. Department, Province, and Country are used for filtering, sorting, and data grouping for analytical purposes. The UPN is used for matching with data in the usage data report. The usage data report is pulled daily from Graph API and contains Product Name, UPN, and Last Used Date.

On Demand License Management keeps the Directory Tenant ID for data sync purposes and token retrieval from On Demand. The tenant domain name is used for tenant identification during internal troubleshooting and is not exposed in the API.

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