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Nova Current - Core Security Guide

Permissions required to configure and operate Nova Core

Quest Operations team members have access to the Quest’s production Azure Subscription and monitor this as part of normal day to day operations. Lead Quest Nova Core developers will be granted limited access to Quest’s production Azure Subscription for troubleshooting purposes as necessary.


To access Quest Nova UI, a customer representative needs to be invited by Quest personal, or needs to sign up for a trial. The account is verified via email; thus a valid email address must be provided during registration.


An organization is automatically created once the new account is created.

Operational monitoring

Quest Nova Core internal logging is available to Quest Operations and Quest Nova Core development teams during the normal operation of the platform. Some customer or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data (e.g. mail item subject, OneDrive file names, error messages reporting user names or email addresses, etc.) can become a part of internal logging for troubleshooting purposes.

Production Incident Response Management

Quest Operations and Quest Support have procedures in place to monitor the health of the system and ensure any degradation of the service is promptly identified and resolved. Quest Nova Core relies an Azure infrastructure and as such, is subject to the possible disruption of these services.

·Azure services status page is available at

Customer measures

Quest Nova Core security features are only one part of a secure environment. Customers must implement their own security practices when proceeding with data handling. Special care needs to be given to protecting the credentials of the Azure Active Directory tenant global administrator accounts and Office 365 tenants global administrator accounts.


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