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NetVault 13.0.1 - CLI Reference Guide

Introduction Getting started Using the command-line utilities Using the nvreport utility

Starting or stopping the NetVault Service

The NetVault Service is configured to start automatically on the server and client machines. To manually stop or start the service from CLI, you can use the following commands:


Using the command-line utilities

Client-specific utilities


Adds one or more NetVault Clients to the NetVault Server, and assigns the clients to the specified client groups.

Table 3. nvclient


Adds one or more clients to the NetVault Server.


Lists clients added to the server.


Specifies NetVault password of the client. This option is required if security is enabled on the client.


Specifies the name of the input file for batch submission. You can specify client name, password, and group names in the file. Specify one client per line.

Example: MyClientList

Client-A -password mypwd2 -group Group1


Client-C -password mypwd2


Specifies NetVault names of clients that you want to add to the server.


Specifies names of client groups to which you want to add the clients. Verify that the client groups are created before you add the client.


Specifies the name of the log file.


Specifies the name of the failed clients list.


Suppresses display of output messages on the screen.


Displays status and error messages on the screen.


Aborts the command if licensing does not permit addition of all clients.


Prints program parameters and exits without doing anything.


Specifies the amount of time NetVault waits for a client to approve the “add” request. The timeout value is specified in seconds. The default value for this option is 30 seconds. If a client cannot be added within the specified period, an error message is displayed.

To locate a client that is unavailable, use the nvclientlist -find <ipaddress> command. For more information, see nvclientlist.
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