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NetVault 12.2 - Built-in Plug-ins User Guide

Restore Procedure

In the Navigation pane, click Create Restore Job. Complete Step 1 through Step 2 in the section Restore Procedure.
On the Create Selection Set page, select the disks that you want to restore. Alternatively, open the parent node and select the partitions that you want to restore.
Click Save to save the settings, and then click Next.
On the Create Restore Job page, specify a name for the job. Assign a descriptive name that allows you to easily identify the job for monitoring its progress.
In the Target Client list, the client from which data was backed up is selected by default. Do not change this setting.
Click Submit to submit the job for scheduling.

If you select MBR and one or more partitions for a restore job, the plug-in restores the MBR successfully, but it fails to restore the selected partitions and the jobs completes with warnings (“Failed to get the information of Partition <n> for Disk <n>”). The plug-in is unable to obtain the partition information because the information about the restored MBR has not been updated on Windows.

To restore MBR and one or more partitions, use the following steps:

Start the Windows Disk Management utility. Use the Refresh command to update the MBR information on Windows.

Relocating data to an alternate disk or partition

To restore a Raw Device Backup without overwriting the existing data, you can relocate the data to an alternate disk or partition on the client. You can also use this procedure if the original disk is unavailable or corrupted.

In the Rename/Relocate dialog box, provide the following information.
Linux and UNIX: Type the full path to the new disk.
Windows: To relocate the data to an alternate disk, type the target disk number. For example, Disk 1 or 1.
Click OK to close the dialog box.

Restoring data to an alternate NetVault Backup Client

When restoring a Raw Device Backup, you can relocate the data to an alternate client. This procedure can be useful during a server migration or disaster recovery operation.

The procedure for restoring a Raw Device Backup to an alternate client includes the following steps:


Before you start the restore procedure, verify that the following requirements are met:

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