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NetVault 11.4.5 - Release Notes

Quest® NetVault® Backup 11.4.5 Revision 3

Quest® NetVault® Backup 11.4.5 Revision 3

About this release

Quest NetVault Backup (NetVault Backup) offers the most advanced, cross-platform data protection capabilities on the market and unsurpassed ease of use, out-of-the-box deployment, and pain-free scalability. NetVault Backup allows you to safeguard your data and applications in both physical and virtual environments from one intuitive user interface and to protect a massive number of servers that contain many petabytes of data. NetVault Backup also features heterogeneous support, so you can safeguard data on a wide range of operating systems, applications, databases, processor architectures, and networked storage devices. Such cross-platform versatility makes it easy for you to tailor NetVault Backup to match the ever-changing and growing landscape of your IT infrastructure.

NetVault Backup 11.4.5 is a minor release, with new features and functionality. For complete product documentation, visit


Table 1. Enhancements

NetVault Backup provides an option on the NetVault Database Backup Options page to ‘Exclude the Online Indexes during backup’ from the NetVault Database backup.

NVBU-15110 (32691)

Enhanced NetVault Backup WebUI to hold or resume the schedule for multiple jobs at after on Manage Job Definitions page.


NetVault Backup WebUI displays an error message for failed LSU creation if maximum limit of adding LSU is reached on DR device. The View Logs page displays the error message for the failed LSU creation.


NetVault Backup allows administrators to eject tape from the drive without having to use WebUI. NetVault Backup detects the ejection of the tape automatically before the backup.


Ticks and crosses are rendered properly for restore selection set having folders with partial selection on Edit Selection Set page.


Added information icon to preview “Selection Set Name” and “Plugin” on Edit Selection Set page for a restore job.


Added ‘Edit’ button and removed ‘View’ button for ‘Restore Selection’ set type on Set Management page.


NetVault Backup WebUI is enhanced to allow sorting of clients as per their status in the NetVault Backup Clients table on Manage Clients page.


Enhanced NetVault Backup WebUI to display correct ‘Peak Transfer Rate’ and ‘Average Transfer Rate’ values on Job Monitor page.


Enhanced NetVault Backup WebUI Edit Selection Set page to show previously updated data in plugin options.


Added the field 'Ciphers to disable for incoming Web Service connections' to modify Web Service configuration on NetVault Server Settings page.


Enhanced NetVault Backup WebUI Monitor Job page to add the fields ‘Elapsed Xfer’ and ‘Waiting for Device’ fields when running a job using Plug-in for SM2T. Also, the fields ‘Elapsed Xfer’, ‘Waiting for Device’, ‘Estimated Transfer Remaining’, and ‘Estimated Time Remaining’ are displayed when running a job using Plug-in for NDMP.


Added the field 'Protocols to disable for incoming Web Service connections' to modify Web Service configuration on NetVault Server Settings page.


The following plug-ins support policy-based backups:

NVBU-16086, NVBU-16174

Enhanced NetVault Backup WebUI to correctly show the Rename or Relocate information on Edit Selection Set page.


Added a new command line interface utility nvpluginpreconfig to configure NetVault Backup plug-in for MySQL and NetVault Backup plug-in for SQL Server from the NetVault Backup Server.


NetVault Backup can exclude backup indices from the NVDB backup. An option ‘Exclude the Online Indexes during backup’ is added to exclude backup indexes stored on the local filesystem from the NetVault Database backup to complete the NVDB backup in the required backup window.

NVBU-16322 (32691)

“Reset Directory Timestamps” option in the dialog box File System Plugin Restore Options is selected by default for all restore jobs using NetVault Backup plug-in for File System.

DNFSP-915 (31242)

Deprecated features

The following is a list of features that are no longer supported starting with NetVault Backup 11.4 or later.

Shared Virtual Tape Libraries (SVTLs) cannot be used for storing backups. The option to add SVTL from NetVault Backup WebUI is removed. After upgrading to NetVault Backup 11.4 or later, an existing SVTL device, continues to work in limited support mode. If an existing SVTL device is removed, you CANNOT readd, modify, or create a SVTL device. Quest recommends not to use SVTL for storing backups using NetVault Backup 11.4 or later.
nvconfigurator cannot be used for NetVault Backup configuration.
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