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NetVault Plug-in for VMware 12.3.2 - User Guide

Introducing NetVault Backup Plug-in for VMware Installing the plug-in Configuring the plug-in Defining a backup strategy Using the image-level backup method Using the file-level backup method Restoring image-level backups Restoring file-level backups Troubleshooting

NetVault Backup Service starts, but stops immediately on Linux

On a Linux-based machine, the NetVault Backup Service starts, and then stops immediately.

No error messages are displayed.

This issue can occur if the Postgres service cannot resolve the host name localhost, and fails to start.

Check the /etc/hosts file, and if the file does not contain an entry for localhost, add the entry.

Linux Hybrid version of the plug-in does not run on 64-bit OS

The Linux Hybrid version of the plug-in does not run on pure 64‑bit operating system.

The plug-in fails to open and displays the message “No Error.”

Pure 64-bit operating systems do not install some common 32-bit libraries the plug-in requires.

To correct this issue, do the following:

NOTE: Some libraries are dynamically loaded from the path $NV_HOME/dynlib/vddk/. If these libraries are listed as missing, no action is required.

Crash occurs during a backup

During a backup, the plug-in reports an error and stops responding.

The plug-in fails with the following error in the NetVault Backup logs:

Backing up data of VM disk [XXXXXXX]xxx/xxxxxxxxx. vmdk' to media : “Job manager lost message channel unexpectedly.”

The trace logs include the following message:

Cannot open library: cannot open shared object file in vixDiskLib-16642.log.

To correct this issue, navigate to the /usr/lib directory, and create the following symbolic link:

CBT-based image-level backup fails

An image-level backup for which CBT has been enabled reports an error and fails.

The job fails with the following error in the NetVault Backup logs:

Failed to get changed disk areas.

This issue occurs when a snapshot exists on a virtual machine when CBT is enabled. For snapshots that exist before enabling CBT, the changeId parameter is not set. So, when the QueryChangedDiskAreas API is invoked, it returns an error. For more information, see

To correct this issue, do either of the following:

Ensure that no snapshots exist on the virtual machine before selecting the Enable Change Block Tracking for virtual machine check box.
Use the Reset Change Block Tracking option. This option reconfigures CBT on a virtual machine and allows you to run CBT-enabled backup that failed previously. For more information about this option, see Resetting CBT on a virtual machine.
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