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NetVault Plug-in for Sybase 11.4.5 - User Guide

Deploying, installing, and removing the plug-in

Deploying the plug-in

Installed by using the Manage Clients page, an installation environment for the Plug‑in for SAP ASE, formerly known as Quest® NetVault Backup® Plug-in for Sybase, can be set up in one of two ways. The setup you use depends on various factors, including hardware availability and each system’s overall resources.

Server-only environment: In this environment, the NetVault Backup Server and the SAP ASE database server software are installed on the same machine. This configuration allows the NetVault Backup Server to act as a client to itself and back up SAP ASE data locally.
Benefit: Less hardware is required. Only one server machine is required to house both pieces of software.
Drawback: Having both software items on the system might affect system resources. A high-end machine is required.
Client/server environment: In this environment, the machine acting as the NetVault Backup Server is a different machine than the one acting as the SAP ASE Server.
Benefit: There is less impact on both machines in use, so more resources are available for other operations, or lower-end machines may be used for each purpose. Also, more SAP ASE Servers can be easily added as need arises.
Drawback: More hardware is required.

Installation prerequisites

Preinstallation requirements vary based on the applicable installation environment. The following topics offer details on these requirements.

Before installing the Plug‑in for SAP ASE to the target machine, verify that the following software is installed and configured, and that the following hardware requirements are met:

Server-only environment

A server-only environment allows for one machine to serve as the NetVault Backup Server machine and SAP ASE machine. The following software must be successfully installed on the machine before the Plug‑in for SAP ASE is installed:

NetVault Backup Server software: Ensure that the Server version of NetVault Backup is properly installed on the machine.
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