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NetVault Plug-in for SnapVault Manager 11.4.5 - User Guide

Relocating data during restore

In the Restore Rename dialog box, type the new restore path for the item in the Relocate box.

Restoring data to alternate SV Primary System

In the Navigation pane, click Create Restore Job, and then click Restore Snapshots.
Open the NetVault Backup Server, and in the list of plug-ins, open SnapVault Manager to list all added SV Primaries.
Select the root node, and in the Actions list, click Options to open the Target Restore dialog box.
In the Target Primary list, select the target system, and click OK.
NOTE: To relocate the entire root node for a restore, its relationship must be restarted on the new target machine if future updates are to occur there. To accomplish this task, follow the steps described in Restoring complete relationship, but in the Target Primary list, select the target system instead of the original system. With this configuration, also ensure that the Restart Relationship option is selected.
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