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NetVault Plug-in for SnapVault Manager 11.4.5 - User Guide

Introducing NetVault Backup Plug-in for SnapVault Manager

About NetVault Backup Plug-in for SnapVault Manager

NetVault Backup Plug‑in for SnapVault Manager (Plug‑in for SnapVault Manager) provides a graphical interface that is integrated with the NetVault Backup WebUI to provide a single point of enterprise-wide control and improve the management of NetApp SnapVault solution. This plug-in lets you back up changed data from multiple storage platforms to a common Snapshot target on NetApp appliances, enabling faster tape less restores.

SnapVault is a disk-based storage backup feature of NetApp Data ONTAP software that allows you to back up data stored on a primary filer and primary Open System (a non-filer, for example, a Windows, Linux, or UNIX system) to a central, secondary storage filer system in a quick and efficient manner. This data is saved as a “snapshot” in read-only format, and if data loss or corruption occurs, you can restore it from the SnapVault secondary storage system with less downtime and uncertainty associated with conventional tape backup and restore operations.

The following is a brief description of various terms that are associated with a SnapVault environment and referenced throughout this document.

Open System: This term refers to any system that is not a NetApp Filer (for example, a Windows, Linux, or UNIX system). These systems can be included in a backup or restore operation in an NDMP environment by using SnapVault.
SnapVault Primary (SV Primary): This term refers to a SnapVault client with data to be backed up (or restored to). An SV Primary can be either a NetApp filer running Data ONTAP or an Open System with the Open System SnapVault (OSSV) Software installed.
SnapVault Secondary (SV Secondary): This term is the SnapVault Server. This machine serves as storage for snapshots taken from various SV Primaries.
Service: Also referred to as a SnapVault Snapshot Schedule, this service is created on the SV Secondary. A Service opens up the qtrees of a specified volume to serve as a destination for SV Primary backup data. It sets up a schedule which is used to perform snapshots of the data at the specified intervals, and saves these snapshots to the allocated space.
Relationship: Established on a SnapVault Primary after a Service has been created on the SV Secondary. A Relationship in SnapVault describes a link established between the two that allows for the transfer of backup data from the SV Primary to the SV Secondary.
Initial Synchronization: This term refers to the initial transfer of selected data from an SV Primary to an SV Secondary; it is a Full Backup.
Update: This term refers to secondary and further transfers of the same selected data as sent with an Initial Synchronization from an SV Primary to an SV Secondary. In this instance only data that has changed is included (that is, an Incremental Backup).

The Plug‑in for SnapVault Manager manages the backup schedules, snapshots, and Relationships between SV Primaries and SV Secondaries. The SV Primaries can be a mixture of Open Systems and NetApp filers. An SV Secondary can only be a NetApp filer.

Target audience

An understanding of the NDMP protocol, NetApp filers, Snapshot Management, and the SnapVault application are required to successfully use this plug-in.

Recommended additional reading

Quest NetVault Backup Installation Guide: This guide provides details on installing the NetVault Backup Server and Client software.
Quest NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide: This guide explains how to use NetVault Backup and describes the functionality common to all plug-ins.
Quest NetVault Backup CLI Reference Guide: This guide provides a description of the command-line utilities.
Quest NetVault Backup Plug-in for NDMP Application Notes: These notes provide filer-specific information.


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