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NetVault Plug-in for SnapShot Manager 3.0 - User's Guide

Configuring the plug-in


Before configuring the plug-in, you must complete the following tasks:

Install License for Plug‑in for SnapShot Manager: The license key for the plug-in can be requested at
Install License for Snapshot Software: A separate license must be installed on each filer that is used to restore snapshots generated with the Network Appliance Snapshot utility and Plug‑in for SnapShot Manager.

Adding an NDMP Server

The initial configuration procedure involves adding a filer as an NDMP Server. This procedure must be completed for each target filer.

In the Navigation pane, click Guided Configuration, and then on the NetVault Configuration Wizard page, click Create Backup Jobs.
To open the NetVault Backup Selections page, click Create New next to the Selections list.
In the Actions list, click Add Server.
In the NDMP Server dialog box, configure the following settings.


Type a name for the filer. The filer name must be unique. You can assign the actual name of the filer to easily identify it in the NetVault Backup environment.


Type the IP address of the filer. To configure multiple addresses, separate them using a comma.


By default, the filer is configured to listen on port number 10000.

Unless otherwise required, do not change the listener port for the filer.


Specify a user account that can be used to log in to the filer. The user account must have necessary privileges to perform NDMP backups and restores.


Type the password for the user account.

Editing server details

Start the Backup Job Wizard, and click Create New next to the Selections list.
Select the filer, and in the Actions list, click Edit Server.
To change the password, select the New Password check box, and type the password.
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