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NetVault Plug-in for Oracle 11.2 - User Guide

Introducing Quest® NetVault® Backup Plug-in  for Oracle Defining a backup strategy Installing and removing the plug-in Configuring the plug-in Backing up data Using the Oracle® Flashback Database Restoring data
Restoring and recovering data: an overview Performing User Managed restores Using advanced User Managed restore procedures Performing RMAN restores Using RMAN types of recovery in a non-RAC environment Using advanced procedures with RMAN restores
Maintaining the Recovery Catalog Using the RMAN CLI Using the Plug-in with Oracle® RAC Using the Plug-in in a failover cluster environment Using the plug-in with Oracle® Data Guard Troubleshooting

Using the Plug-in with Oracle® RAC

Oracle RACs: an overview

Oracle® defines its Real Application Clusters (RAC) option as “support for the transparent deployment of a single database across a cluster of servers, providing fault tolerance from hardware failures or planned outages. Oracle RAC running on clusters provides Oracle’s highest level of capability in terms of availability, scalability, and low-cost computing. Oracle RAC supports mainstream business applications of all kinds. Support includes online transaction processing (OLTP), decision support systems (DSS), and Oracle’s unique ability to support mixed OLTP/DSS environments. Support also includes packaged products such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and Oracle E*Business Suite, as well as custom applications.”

Plug‑in for Oracle provides support for a limited number of Oracle versions and platforms in a RAC environment. The installation, configuration, backup, and restore procedures differ in a multi-instance RAC environment. This topic offers specifics on how the plug-in operates in an Oracle RAC environment. It only points out the differences between the setup and usage of the plug-in in a multi-instance RAC environment vs. a single-instance or traditional non-RAC environment.

For a list of supported Oracle versions and platforms in a RAC environment, see the Quest NetVault Backup Compatibility Guide.

Recommended additional reading

Quest recommends that the following Oracle® RAC documentation be readily available for reference when setting up and using the plug-in in a RAC environment.

Oracle Database Utilities, ASM Command-Line Utility

Defining a deployment strategy

Deploying Plug‑in for Oracle in a multi-instance database environment is almost identical to a single-instance database environment except that RMAN-based backups are the only available backup method for RAC databases. The plug-in is installed on one of the nodes that hosts one of the instances for the RAC-enabled database. All RMAN-based backups and restores are performed from this single installation of the plug-in. The following topics detail how the plug-in performs RMAN backups and restores in a RAC environment.

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