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NetVault Plug-in for Oracle 11.2 - Release Notes

Resolved issues

Corrected an issue that caused NetVault Backup nvmediadetails CLI command to fail when the media contained RMAN Controlfile Autobackups. NetVault Backup Server software version 10.0.5 or later is required for this.


Corrected an issue that caused RMAN Controlfile Autobackup jobs to fail on Oracle Solaris SPARC platform.


Corrected an issue that resulted in determined Backup Jobs to wait indefinitely at the stage 'Building Backup Index' preventing the Jobs to complete.


Corrected an issue that prevented Controlfile Autobackup jobs to successfully run in environments where the NetVault Backup Client was added to the NetVault Backup Server using a description written in Japanese Language.



Corrected an issue that caused NetVault Backup Job Manager to display an error message, at the end of Oracle Restore Job, despite successful completion of Restore process.


Corrected an issue that caused the password of the connect target string to become encrypted during database cloning. This issue occurred if the Target Database entry was modified in the Duplicate from Database section of the Clone Database tab on the Edit Plugin Options page.


Corrected an issue that caused backup and restore jobs to fail as a result of insufficient space in the progress buffers for NetVault Backup.

NetVault Backup Server 10.x and later does not use progress buffers. Instead, data amount transfer is provided directly by NetVault Backup Media Manager. Therefore, NetVault Backup Plug‑in for Oracle jobs will not encounter lack of shared memory for progress buffers.

27732, 27735, 27741

Known issues

If NetVault Backup 11.1.0 or later is functioning as a NetVault Backup Server and NetVault Backup Client in the same machine, then Plug-in CLI Jobs, for example Oracle RMAN CLI Jobs, might fail.

Workaround: With NetVault Backup 11.1.0 or later, install NetVault Backup Server and NetVault Backup Client (where Oracle is running) on different machines.


System requirements

Before installing Plug‑in for Oracle 11.2, ensure that your system meets the requirements outlined in the Quest NetVault Backup Compatibility Guide available at

Upgrade and compatibility

Plug‑in for Oracle® 11.2 requires NetVault Backup 10.0 or later. For complete supported-platform information, see the Quest NetVault Backup Compatibility Guide.
Upgrading from Oracle® Online and Oracle RMAN Plug-ins: When upgrading from the Oracle Online or Oracle RMAN plug-ins, note the following:
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