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NetVault Plug-in for Microsoft 365 13.1 - User Guide

Relocating a mailbox or OneDrive account during the restore process

Relocation is supported at the mailbox or OneDrive user level; it is not supported at the email, file, or folder level.

To complete the relocation process of a mailbox or OneDrive account, perform the following steps.

To use the Create Selection Set page to select the mailbox or OneDrive user account that you want to restore, click Restore.
On the Create Selection Set page, select the mailbox or OneDrive user account that you want to relocate, and select Rename from the context menu.
In the Rename/Relocate dialog box, enter the new location for the mailbox or OneDrive user account in the Relocate box, and click OK.

Searching for granular items

The Search option on the Create Restore Job — Choose Saveset page lets you find specific files or data items without opening any savesets or browsing through their contents. You can use filenames, regular expressions, or Team names to find the data items that you want to restore, as well as subject, sender, recipient, and received date and time to find email messages. You can also search in Azure AD backup for Azure AD users, groups, or service principals; and search for SharePoint Online savesets by site name using the Name criterion.

To configure or enable the catalog search, select Catalog Search from the Navigation pane. The catalog search supports the regular expression syntax used by Elasticsearch. For more information on Elasticsearch, see For more information on catalog search, see the Quest NetVault Administrator’s Guide.

On the Create Restore Job — Choose Saveset page, click Search.
In the Search for files in savesets dialog box, configure the following options:
Search String: Type the search string.
Regular expression search: To use POSIX regular expressions in the Search String box, select this check box.
Use legacy search method: If both cataloged and non-cataloged savesets are included in the search, the plug-in displays this check box.
If only non-cataloged savesets are included in the search or if Use legacy search method is selected, the legacy search is used.
If only cataloged savesets are included in the search or if Use legacy search method is cleared, the catalog search is used.
If you do not select a saveset, all savesets are included in the search. On the Search Results page, you can view the savesets that contain the specified files or data items.
Click Restore selected items.


This topic describes some common errors and their solutions.

These messages indicate that the selected data was backed up, but the job’s index information was not properly added by NetVault to its database. Without this index information, the data cannot be properly restored.

Method 1:

Open the Manage Devices page, select the backup media, and click Scan. NetVault stores index information for backup jobs in two locations: in the NetVault Database and on the media targeted by the backup. When you scan the backup media, the index information is added to the NetVault Database. To verify that the information was added, open the Manage Job Definitions page, and locate the specific job. If you can run the job now, the scan process has corrected the problem.

Method 2:

If the scan has failed, run the backup job again.

Channel Messages are not backed up, and the Conversation tab is not visible in the restore selection tree for the Team’s Channel.

If the Channel does not contain any messages, the Conversation tab should not be visible in the selection tree. However, if the Channel does contain messages, check the View Logs page for the following entries, and implement one of the solutions.

Solution: To prevent this issue, make sure that the configured user is either a creator of Teams or a member or owner of the specific Team for which the issue occurred.
Solution: Disable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for the configured user and run the job again.
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