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NetVault Plug-in for FileSystem 13.1.2 - User Guide

Restoring data to an alternate client

During restore, you can relocate a backup to an alternate client. This procedure can be useful during a server migration or disaster recovery operation.

Before you start the restore procedure, verify that the following requirements are met:

In the Target Client list, select the restore target.
Alternatively, click Choose, and in the Choose the Target Client dialog box, select the restore target. Click OK to close the dialog box.
NOTE: You can also use the Rename and Relocate options while restoring data to an alternate client. For more information about these options, see Renaming and relocating data during restore.

Restoring System State Backups

This section includes the following topics:

About System State restore

System State restore allows you to recover a functional system without reinstalling the Windows operating system. It can be useful when you want to perform the following:

Typically, when you perform a System State restore, all components are restored to their original location. However, the NetVault also allows you to restore the System State data to an alternate directory without affecting the active system. Restoring System State in a situation other than system recovery is not recommended.

While restoring the System State data on a Domain Controller, you need to select a method for restoring distributed services like Active Directory and SYSVOL. The restore method determines whether the restored data gets replicated to other servers or not. The method you choose depends on the number and configuration of Domain Controllers in your environment.

System State restore considerations

Consider the following when restoring system state backups to a second system:

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