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NetVault Plug-in for Exchange 12.3 - User Guide

Introducing NetVault Backup Plug-in for Exchange Defining an Exchange data protection strategy Planning your Exchange Server deployment Installing and removing the plug-in Configuring the plug-in Backing up data Restoring data Troubleshooting

Introducing NetVault Backup Plug-in for Exchange

NetVault Backup Plug-in for Exchange: at a glance

NetVault Backup Plug‑in for Exchange: at a glance

Quest® NetVault® Backup Plug‑in for Exchange (Plug‑in for Exchange) increases confidence in the recoverability of Exchange. It also lets you create flexible backup policies that can account for multiple recovery scenarios. Support for online backups through Exchange Server’s Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) lets you select your preferred backup method without requiring you to learn Exchange internals. Through a web-based user interface (WebUI) and automated workflow process, the plug-in offers a centralized way to set up, configure, and define backup and restore policies for your Exchange Servers. These policies include policies deployed in a Database Availability Group (DAG). The plug-in offers a detailed level of control that minimizes downtime by allowing you to restore complete Information Stores or individual databases. Through integration with a range of backup devices, your data is protected and stored offsite to meet your disaster-recovery and business-continuity goals.

Key benefits

Increases confidence and reduces risk while deploying Exchange: Plug‑in for Exchange lets you create backup policies that are flexible enough to account for many recovery scenarios. You do not have to understand Exchange internals.
Plug‑in for Exchange’s flexible backup features also include:
By relying on Plug‑in for Exchange to implement backup policies, you can focus on more critical tasks without risking your ability to recover what is needed if a failure occurs. In addition, the IT manager’s confidence is increased by knowing that email is protected, no matter what.
Speeds up restores to reduce downtime: With Plug‑in for Exchange, you select what must be restored and the backup set to restore from, and the plug-in automatically performs the restore. To maximize availability, the plug-in is designed for detailed recoveries, which lets you recover complete Information Stores or individual databases. The plug-in uses an automated workflow with point-and-click options for tasks such as defining backups and scheduling jobs.
Additional Plug‑in for Exchange restore features include:
Ensure business continuity: With offsite backups being an important part of the data-protection for business-critical applications, the plug-in takes advantage of NetVault Backup’s integration with a range of backup devices. NetVault Backup lets you select which backup device to store the backup on. You can store the backup online in a virtual tape library (VTL). You can also duplicate the job to physical tape libraries shared by multiple Exchange Servers, other proprietary databases, or even general backup purposes.
Eliminate backup windows and reduce storage: Plug‑in for Exchange gives you the confidence that your email environment is protected and stored offsite for disaster-recovery purposes. At the same time, it frees administrators from having to be available 24x7 because less-experienced personnel can initiate restores, thus reducing downtime and improving business continuity.

Feature summary

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