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NetVault Bare Metal Recovery 13.1.2 - User Guide for NetVault Server

About NetVault Bare Metal Recovery

NetVault Bare Metal Recovery is an integrated bare metal recovery solution capable of recovering an entire system including the operating system (OS), applications, system settings, partition information, and data for any supported NetVault Client. NetVault Bare Metal Recovery provides bare metal recovery with either offline (cold) backups or online (hot) backups.

NetVault Bare Metal Recovery integrates with NetVault. NetVault Bare Metal Recovery includes two key components, or plug-ins, each of which provides its own form of disaster recovery backup, and a third component that serves as a basic OS that is used to prepare a target Disaster Recovery (DR) Client for backup and restore.

NetVault Bare Metal Recovery includes the following technical components:

Plug-in Server
Plug-in Offline Client for x86/x86-64 Clients

The following topics briefly describe these components.

About Plug-in Offline Client for Linux

About Plug-in Offline Client for Linux

The Plug-in Offline Client for Linux implements a block-by-block backup and restore technique to recover a system fully. This block-by-block operation takes the system offline and makes it unavailable. This process is done to either:

Backup: An Offline Backup backs up all aspects of a system — OS, applications, system settings, and so on. This process is ideal for new systems that have been configured for use.
Restore: An Offline Restore recovers a machine — even if it has no functional OS — to a previously configured state.

The Plug-in Offline Client includes a component known as VaultOS. The VaultOS is a minimal OS that is used to boot a target disaster recovery client system to prepare it for either backup or restore. This minimal OS starts the target client, loads all applicable device drivers, and leaves its hard drive in a state suitable for either backup or restore.

About Plug-in Server

The Plug-in Server resides on the NetVault Server and enables backup and recovery of a target client’s data by using the Plug-in Offline Client.

Performing an offline backup

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