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NetVault Bare Metal Recovery 12.2 - Release Notes for Server Plug-in

Known issues

NetVault Backup Server only backs up the selected partitions when the Disk Raw Mode option is enabled. If only a few partitions are selected with the Disk Raw Mode option enabled, only the selected partitions are backed up.

Workaround: Select the entire disk for backup before selecting Disk Raw Mode.

NOTE: If the entire disk is selected but some of the partitions are crossed out and the Disk Raw Mode option is enabled, the entire disk is backed up. You cannot exclude partitions when the Disk Raw Mode option is enabled.

DNBMR-434 (17712, VOG‑173)

Cannot restore Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) Images concurrently.

DNBMR-523 (17801, VOG‑95)

Cannot restore a VMDK Image to a shared network drive.

DNBMR-524 (17802, VOG‑96)

The plug-in does not support Plug-in Offline Client for Linux backup and restore jobs that use NetVault SmartDisk® as a target.

DNBMR-1015, DNBMR-1096 (28860, 32464)

System requirements

Before installing NetVault Bare Metal Recovery Plug‑in Server 12.2, ensure that your system meets the requirements outlined in the Quest NetVault Backup Compatibility Guide available at

Upgrade and compatibility

For complete supported-platform information, see the Quest NetVault Backup Compatibility Guide.

Product licensing

To obtain the license key for your NetVault Backup Server environment, determine the NetVault Machine ID of your main NetVault Backup Server. Also identify the machine IDs of any clients running application plug-ins, such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and Exchange.

You can use the NetVault Configuration Wizard to install the product license keys. Alternatively, you can install the license keys from the Manage Clients page.

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