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NetVault Bare Metal Recovery 11.0 - User Guide for NetVault Backup Server

Introducing Dell™ NetVault™ Bare Metal Recovery for Dell™ NetVault™ Backup Server

About Dell NetVault Bare Metal Recovery for Dell NetVault Backup Server

Dell NetVault Bare Metal Recovery (NetVault Bare Metal Recovery) for Dell NetVault Backup (NetVault Backup) Server is a specially packaged version of NetVault Bare Metal Recovery that provides offline bare metal protection for NetVault Backup Servers running on x86/x86-64-based operating systems that use locally-attached tape-based devices. The bare metal recovery (BMR) image of the NetVault Backup Server is taken by a CD that is preloaded with a NetVault Backup Server, the Plug-in Server, and the drdaemon process. The BMR image can then be transferred to a direct-attached tape-based library or standalone tape drive for recovery in case disaster recovery is needed for the NetVault Backup Server.
Uses version 7 of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL), CentOS™, and Dell GigaOS.
Does not support shared VTLs (SVTLs) or Dell NetVault SmartDisk.

Offline backup process overview

Offline recovery process overview

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