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NetVault Bare Metal Recovery 10.5 - User Guide for Plug-ins

Introducing Dell™ NetVault™ Bare Metal Recovery Plug-ins Deploying NetVault Bare Metal Recovery Using the Plug-in Offline Client Using Plug-in Live Client for Windows® Using Plug-in Live Client for Linux® NetVault Bare Metal Recovery physical-to-virtual recovery Troubleshooting

Removing Plug-in Server

On the Manage Clients page, select the NetVault Backup Server or the applicable NetVault Backup Heterogeneous Client, and click Manage.
In the Installed Software table on the View Client page, select Plug-in Server (labeled “VaultDR APM”), and click the Remove Plugin button ().
In the Confirm dialog box, click Remove.

Upgrading Plug-in Server

Configuring Plug-in Server

If you are using version 10.0.0 Plug-in Server with version 10.0.0 Plug-in Offline Client (Linux®-based VaultOS), manually update the NDMP=FALSE entry using the Edit Client option in the NetVault Backup WebUI. This method does not apply to previous versions of Plug-in Offline Client or Plug-in Server.
In the Navigation pane, click Create Backup Job.
Next to the Selections list, click Create New.
On the NetVault Backup Selections page, select the Plug-in Offline Client, and select Edit Client from the Actions list.
Change the NDMP Protocols field to TRUE.

Creating a Plug-in Offline Client Boot System

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