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NetVault Plug-in for NDMP 10.0.5 - Application Notes for Isilon

Restoring data

Restoring data using the plug-in

When you select a saveset, the following details are displayed in the Saveset Information area: Job ID, Job Title, name of the NetVault Backup Server, name of the client from which the data was backed up, plug‑in used to create the saveset, saveset creation date and time, saveset retirement setting, whether Incremental Backup or not, whether Archive or not, and saveset size.
On the Create Selection Set page, select the data that you want to restore:
Restore entire saveset: Select the root node.
Restore individual files and directories: Select the target files and directories in the selections tree. The selections tree can only be browsed if the Save File Information option was selected during backup.
Click Edit Plugin Options, and configure the following settings.
Use Direct Access Restore if Possible: Select this option to perform a direct access restore if the backup was direct and the mover and data server can complete a Direct Access Restore. If these conditions are not met, a non-direct access restore is performed.
Use Direct Access Restore by Recovering Individual Files: Select this option to restore a directory and its file contents. When you use this option, empty directories in the saveset are ignored.
Only Do Direct Access Restore: Select this option to force a Direct Access Restore. It can be only used if the backup was direct and the mover and data server can complete a Direct Access Restore; otherwise the restore job fails.
Never Do Direct Access Restore: Select this option to perform a standard non-Direct Access Restore.
If the restore jobs are failing due to this error, select the Restore Hard Links check box. When this check box is selected, hard links are recovered by building a hard-link table.
Click OK to save the settings, and then click Next.
In Job Name, specify a name for the job.
In the Target Client list, the client from which data was backed up is selected by default. Do not change this setting.
Click Submit to submit the job for scheduling.
You can monitor the job progress from the Job Status page and view the logs from the View Logs page. For more information about these functions, see the Dell NetVault Backup Administrator’s Guide.

Restoring Incremental Backups

Renaming or relocating data

In the Restore Rename dialog box, provide the following information.
Click OK to close the dialog box.
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