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Migrator Pro for Active Directory 20.11.1 - Release Notes

Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Active Directory 20.11.1 Release Notes

Binary Tree® Migrator Pro for Active Directory 20.11.1 Release Notes

Release Notes

June 2023

These release notes provide information about the Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Active Directory 20.11.1 release.


About this release

Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Active Directory automates the restructuring, consolidation and separation of Active Directory environments. This Active Directory migration tool synchronizes and migrates objects, settings, properties, workstations and servers within and between AD forests–even if they’re disconnected or are on isolated networks.

You can safely migrate during normal business hours as your users can keep working during the migration without interruption. And Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Active Directory is highly secure as it does not use RPC or remote registry access and it requires no (ZERO) open inbound ports in the network firewall.

Migrator Pro for Active Directory 20.11.1 is a minor release, with enhancements and resolved issues.


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Migrator Pro for Active Directory 20.11.1.

Table 1. General enhancements


Issue ID

Blacklist changed to Exclusion List for Device ReACL Profile and NAS ReACL Profile Add/Edit feature.


Licensing has been updated to support license termination.


Migration Profiles now have a Migration Type selection. When queuing an Offline Domain Join job, users are now prompted for Migration Options.


An option to force reset on failed/failing device actions has been added.


Support for Reparse Points during Device ReACL and NAS ReACL has been added. Reparse Points like Symbolic Links, Mount Points, and OneDrive folders will be processed by ReACL. Additional Reparse Tags can be added to the rules list.


SQL Server 2019 is now supported.


SQL Server 2022 is now supported.


Windows Server 2022 now supported.


Updated the ignore/filtering to first ignore based on the objectsid. If there is no objectsid to ignore/filter, the original sAMAccountName is used.




Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.

Table 2. General resolved issues

Resolved Issue

Issue ID

Out-of-place dialog text on the NAS ReACL profile add/edit dialog in the Retry on Network Error section.


For the Import wave feature, a duplicate object is assigned to a wave.


The Import wave feature does not provide an error when the CSV file is not formatted properly.


SQL Repermissioning does not process custom server roles.


NetSPI: Weak Session Management - Insufficient Session Expiration.


NetSPI: Password Management: Password in Comment.


NetSPI: Weak Encryption Implementation - Hardcoded Key in Source Code: The encrypt/decrypt functions that use this key have been marked as obsolete. However, this code has been left in place to enable customers using product version and below to upgrade to later versions. After upgrade, items encrypted with this obsolete key will automatically be recalculated and stored with the new secure replacement functions.


NetSPI: Insufficient Logging: In each of these cases occasional exceptions are expected and the calling code deals with default return values. Logging is not considered necessary and disruptive for the end user.


NetSPI: Use of Insufficiently Random Values: 4-digit random integer is sufficient for this function.


NetSPI: ASP.NET Misconfiguration: Debug Information (XML)


NetSPI: Cookie Security: HTTPOnly Not Set


NetSPI: Password Management - Hardcoded Password


NetSPI: Weak Cryptographic Hash Used: This provides backwards compatibility for customers upgrading from product versions and below. 20.11 and above use SHA256.


NetSPI: Resource Injection: This function intentionally generates a connection string from user supplied information.


Deleted shares result in orphaned jobs that cannot be cancelled.


A Network Share with a trailing slash breaks the ReACLShare job.


NAS File Share doesn't allow the underscore character (_) to be used.    


Jobs with different activities types cancelled.


ReACL fails with a NullReference exception when the ProfileList entry is missing ProfileImagePath.


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