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Metalogix Replicator 7.4 - Evaluation Guide


1.Verify that multi-hop replication works by opening your Corporate web application in a web browser and uploading a word document.

2.Open your London and Hong Kong web applications in web browsers and check that the change you applied to the Corporate document library has replicated over to the same library on London and Hong Kong.

3.Check the Monitor Replicator page under the Packages tab for each of the web applications to see that packages have been sent over.

4.Check out the document on the Hong Kong web application and watch the checkout status replicate back to London and Corporate.

5.Check the Monitor Replicator page under the Packages tab for each of the web applications to see that packages have been sent over.

In this scenario you:

·Enabled a third web application.

·Created a connection for the third web application - both to and from.

·Created a replication group.

·Monitored the automatic replication of a map family.

·Added and monitored the replication of a package between all three web applications.


The result of this test should be that you are able to replicate changes from Corporate to London to Hong Kong and back from Hong Kong to London and Corporate.


Viewing Replication Statistics

This scenario demonstrates the viewing of replication statistics for a web application.  

1.In a web browser, open Central Administration for a web application, on which you have performed changes after the installation of Replicator.

1.Click Application Management.

2.Click Metalogix Replicator

3.Click the History tab.


This page will provide you with an overview of your Replicator environment for the specified web application. It will provide you with such information as the current number of packages being transferred in replication, as well as the estimated time and percentage left until completion of transfer.  

For more information about this page, see the Metalogix Replicator Reference Guide.

In this scenario you:

? Monitored replication statistics through the Replicator Status page.


Command Line Queuing

This scenario demonstrates the capability provided by Replicator to queue specific content from one web application to another using a command-line or PowerShell command. This scenario requires that you have a list or library on your source web application.

This command will queue the list or library including all list items.

1.Open a Command Prompt or PowerShell window.

2.Run the following PowerShell command.

3.Substitute all URLs, map family names, and list titles with ones that match your environment.


PS>Schedule-ReplicatorMap -URL "http://portalmapfamily/web site" -Type List IncludeChildTypes Folder -Jobname Test

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