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MessageStats 7.8 - Report Pack for Exchange Online User Guide

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Preparing for Installation

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Minimum System Requirements

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Preparing for Installation > Minimum System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

Before you install the MessageStats Report Pack for Exchange Online, you must have MessageStats 7.8 installed. The installer extends the MessageStats database to include Exchange Online information. It also installs the report pack task processors, the new Exchange Online reports, and adds the Exchange Online node to the MessageStats console.

You must meet the minimum hardware requirements for MessageStats. For information about the hardware requirements for MessageStats, see the MessageStats Quick Start Guide.

Software Requirements

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Software Requirements

You install the report pack components on servers on which MessageStats components are already installed. See the MessageStats Quick Start Guide for hardware and software requirements for the different MessageStats components.

The following table contains any additional software requirements for the report pack:

Table 1. Software minimum requirements.


Minimum Requirement for connecting to Office 365

On any server that hosts:

MessageStats MMC Client Console

- OR -

MessageStats task processors

Exchange Online PowerShell v2.0 Module

Required Rights and Permissions

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Preparing for Installation > Required Rights and Permissions

Required Rights and Permissions

This section lists the rights and permissions required to install the report pack, to gather appropriate information, and to compile reports.

Installation Rights

The following rights are required to install the report pack:

Operational Rights

The following rights are required by the Windows account under which the MessageStats gathering process is run:

The following rights are required by the Windows account that is used to run the MessageStats client console:

The following rights are required by the Exchange Online user account that is used to access the Exchange Online data:

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