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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.8 - Release Notes

Release Notes

LiteSpeed® for SQL Server® 8.9.8

Release Notes

November 2023

These release notes provide information about the LiteSpeed for SQL Server release.


About this release

LiteSpeed for SQL Server, or LiteSpeed, is a fast and flexible backup and recovery solution that allows DBAs to easily maintain complete control over the backup and recovery process. Its low-impact, high-performance compression and encryption technology enables users to reduce storage costs and protect data, while improving both backup and disaster recovery times. With the improved compression and LiteSpeed's Fast Compression technology, LiteSpeed for SQL Server can further reduce disk space and backup time up to another 85% over traditional, compressed full backup solutions. The result is a unique backup and recovery approach, unmatched in flexibility, that greatly reduces backup times, creates a significantly smaller storage footprint, and maintains a high level of recoverability.

  • LiteSpeed 8.9.8 is a minor release,

Key Benefits

  • Store database backups directly into the following cloud platforms: Microsoft Azure Blob storage, Amazon S3, Google Storage and S3 Compatible Storage

  • Reduce storage requirements to save valuable disk space with Fast Compression (reduce storage and improve backup times up to 85% over traditional full backup solutions)
  • Optimize use of available server resources with LiteSpeed's Adaptive Compression
  • Reduce backup times to improve maintenance windows
  • Reduce restore times to avoid excessive downtime
  • Automate backup testing and running database consistency checks using Automated Restore
  • Easily configure backup jobs and maintenance plans on multiple instances by deploying LiteSpeed Backup Templates
  • Easily configure and monitor Log Shipping using the Create LiteSpeed Log Shipping Plan Wizard and Monitoring tab in the LiteSpeed UI Console
  • Recover data and schema from backups using LiteSpeed's Object Level Recovery
  • Undo critical transactions using LiteSpeed's Transaction Log Reader
  • View backup performance across the enterprise using LiteSpeed's centralized reporting repository
  • Easily manage SQL Agent jobs across multiple servers using LiteSpeed's Job Manager
  • Easily configure maintenance plans across the enterprise using LiteSpeed's Maintenance Plan Designer
  • Easily configure backups cleanup rules with Smart Cleanup Policies
  • Leverage LiteSpeed's advanced engine tuning, including CPU Affinity, CPU Throttling, and Threading options
  • Analyze your environment for best backup performance and identify bottlenecks using LiteSpeed's Backup Analyzer
  • Eight highly optimized levels of compression
  • Secure data using backup encryption up to AES-256

New Features

New features in LiteSpeed 8.9.8:

  • An automatic process that can delete the logs files every n days is added under Support menu item LiteSpeed Logging when the user right-clicks on a server in the server explorer tree. To enable Automatically delete log files older than the user needs to check one of the Enable checkboxes and then check the Automatically delete log files older than box and type into a numeric box number the desired number of days. Since LiteSpeed Logging option can create many log files, log files will be deleted after that number of days from the location of log files from Log file path set in the same form to free up the drive
  • The argument @Disconnect Users is added when specifying backup options in Create LiteSpeed Log Shipping Plan Wizard to disconnect users while performing restore to the subscribers. This option can be checked only if Perform full backup and then restore to initialize subscriber(s) is also checked. If Perform full backup and then restore to initialize subscriber(s) is unchecked this option would be disabled and unchecked. If the option Disconnect users when restoring full backup was checked in the backup options tab, the script that is generated in the final step of the wizard will contain @DisconnectUsers = 1 for the xp_restore_database procedure
  • The wildcard validation for the databases in the Backup Template Deployment wizard is added under the Deploy step in order to mark the servers which don’t match the given criteria. After setting a wildcard on the Select Databases step in the Backup Template Wizard, on the Select Instances step the Servers which don’t contain a database with a wildcard expression would turn red.
  • The mirror option under the Backup options in the Log shipping is added in order to copy the backup file from the original location to the defined mirror location. After selecting the checkbox and entering the mirror path by typing the path or browsing from the Backup Location dialog, clicking Next would validate the path. In the Job Manager results can be: Success if both backup and mirroring operations succeed, Warning if the mirroring operation fails, or Error if both backup and mirroring operations fail.
  • Sync local and central activities is added in order to run synchronization between local and central repositories for one or more servers. Configure LiteSpeed local and central synchronization is opened after right-clicking on a specific server or all servers in Backup Manager only and selecting an option Sync local and central activities. Server instances, procedures, type of activity to be sync and period can be chosen. There is an option to preview the script by selecting the View T-SQL option. After the run is deployed popup window will be shown, showing the Executing action and Execution succeeded message. During the synchronization process, LiteSpeed Console is not accessible until the action is complete.
  • Reversing Log Shipping Plan Roles Procedures are enabled in order to create a functioning log shipping plan without creating a full backup. LiteSpeed will perform steps that ensure the synchronicity between the two databases during the change role process by killing connections, disabling Log Shipping jobs, and creating a final tlog backup and restore before switching roles. A new feature will only work if Change Roles is being used to change roles of databases that are already involved in the same Log Shipping Plan and the two databases are synchronous to begin with. This feature can be used during the Change Role Wizard by first unchecking the Perform full backup and then restore to initialize subscriber(s) checkbox, and then checking the Continue shipping logs without full backup checkbox. The latter checkbox will be added as part of this feature and will not be visible unless the former checkbox is unchecked. Clicking the latter checkbox will produce a warning message box. The original feature is completely preserved.
  • Support for SQL Server 2022

For more details please visit the following links:


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in LiteSpeed 8.9.8.

Table 1: General enhancements

Enhancement Issue ID
Automatically delete log files older than ‘n’ days option is added under the LiteSpeed Logging window LS-2358
Disconnect users when restoring full backup option is added under the Backup options step in the Create Log shipping Plan Wizard window LS-2376
The wildcard validation for the databases is added in the Backup Template Deployment wizard under the Deploy step LS-2355
The mirror option is added under the Backup options step in the Create Log shipping Plan Wizard LS-2359
Synchronize local and central activities option is added in the context menu of SQL Server tree in Backup Manager which to delete duplicate data in local and central repositories LS-2329
Reversing Log Shipping plan roles procedures without performing a full backup option is added under the Backup options step in the Log Shipping Plan LS-2322
Parameter CloudProxyBufferSize is added in LiteSpeedSettings.ini file under the [litespeed] section LS-2349
Load databases from all instances at once option is added under the Backup Manager section LS-2434
Logging for Cloud Proxy while using Amazon S3 Cloud Storage is implemented LS-2432

Deprecated features

The following is a list of features that are no longer supported starting with LiteSpeed 8.9.8.

Table 2: Features that are no longer supported

Features Issue ID

The QuestKey is deprecated in newer versions of LiteSpeed.

Visit to acquire a new license key

Extended stored procedure xp_memory_size marked as deprecated. It will be removed from the product with version 9.0. LS-1406, LS-1762
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