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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - User Guide

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License Registration

You need to license LiteSpeed for SQL Server with a commercial key or a custom evaluation key to use many advanced features for managing backup and restore processes.


  • There is a way to manage licenses using Edit SQL Server Registration dialog. See Register Server Instances.

  • You can set or change the license for any server registered in the LiteSpeed console by right-clicking on the SQL Server instance, selecting the "LiteSpeed Instance Settings," and then selecting "LiteSpeed License." Note that the license is entered / updated per server not per instance.

If you purchased LiteSpeed and have a valid license, you can register LiteSpeed during the installation or upgrade, or any time:

  • Using the LiteSpeed UI Console (Help | License...)

    note: This will only register a local copy of LiteSpeed

  • Using xp_sqllitespeed_licenseinfo

  • Using the LicenseInfoCmd command-line utility

note: For more information about the LiteSpeed extended stored procedures and command-line utilities, please refer to the LiteSpeed User Guide.

If you want to purchase LiteSpeed or require a trial extension or have any other licensing questions related to your purchase please contact your sales representative or go to


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