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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - User Guide

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Define Alerts

If you do not add an alert and the job fails, it is noted in the Windows Application event log, but no one is notified.

To define an alert

  1. In the Alerts page, click New to add a new alert.
  2. Select whether to generate an alert based on an error/event or a performance threshold. Review the following for additional information:

    Alert Type Alert Options

    SQL Server event alert description

    Specify the following options for SQL Server event alerts:

    • Database—Select a database to associate with the alert.
    • Error number—Select an error to associate with the alert.
    • Severity—Select this option to raise an alert for a particular event and select a severity code.
    • Raise alert when message contains—Select this option and enter message text to trigger an alert if a message contains that text.

    Performance condition alert definition

    Specify the following options for SQL Server performance condition alerts:

    • Object—Select an object to monitor.
    • Counter—Select an activity counter to monitor the object.
    • Alert if counter—Select a condition to trigger the alert.
    • Value—Enter a threshold value.
    WMI Event Alert

    Specify the following options for alerts raised when a specific SQL Server event occurs:

    • WMI namespace—Specify the WMI namespace for the WMI Query Language statement.
    • Query—Specify the WMI Query Language statement that identifies which WMI event will trigger this alert.
  3. Click Response. Select the Execute job checkbox to run the job when an alert occurs.

    Select operators to notify. For more information, see Add Operators. about adding a new operator.

  4. Click Options and review the following for additional information:

    Include alert error text in

    Select whether to include the text associated with the error in the email, Net send, or pager notification message.

    Delay between responses

    Specify the number of minutes and seconds to wait before sending an additional notification.

    This is useful if an event occurs more than once and you want to know that the event occurred, but not receive a notification for the additional events related to the alert.


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