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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Security and Compliance Guide

Restore an Archived Backup

You can restore a TSM archive backup using xp_restore_database and xp_restore_log. Using xp_restore_verifyonly you can see if the backup set is complete and valid.

For more information about the LiteSpeed extended stored procedures and command-line utilities, please refer to the LiteSpeed User Guide.

To restore an archived backup

  1. Run the xp_view_tsmcontents (or the GUI must run it for the TSM Object Selection dialog just as it currently does for backups).

  2. From the list, select the desired archive to restore. That selected archive has a tsmpointintime column in the list as seen in xp_view_tsmcontents. That tsmpointintime must be passed in to the restore in the @tsmpointintime parameter. This is the same parameter that backups can currently pass in for selection of an old retained backup to restore.

To restore an archive both the @tsmarchive = 1 and the @tsmpointintime parameters are required. If the @tsmarchive is passed in but the @tsmpointintime is not passed in, an error message is thrown stating that the @tsmpointintime is needed and where to get it (the xp_view_tsmcontents).

The @tsmarchive = 1 must have a supporting check box/radio button in the EC restore wizard. The @tsmpointintime however needs no GUI real estate change since it should work the same way it currently does for backups. Once the user selects an archive to restore the code should pull the tsmpointintime from the xml for that selected archive.


EXEC master.dbo.xp_restore_database
@database = 'pubs'     
, @tsmclientnode = 'ClusterGroup'   
, @tsmclientownerpwd = 'test1111'   
, @tsmobject = 'SLS_Russel-Mar\pubs\(16)Thursday_14:14'  
, @tsmconfigfile = 'C:\Program Files\Tivoli\tsm\baclient\dsm.opt'  
, @tsmpointintime = '2006-03-16 14:49:35'  
, @tsmarchive = 1  


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