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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Security and Compliance Guide

Local Cluster Installations

LiteSpeed does not operate as a cluster service, and you do not need to set up a cluster resource. Use the following installation instructions for both active-passive and active-active Microsoft Cluster Service or Failover installations.

  • The user you are logged in as needs to be a Domain User in the local administrators group on all the nodes of the cluster.
  • If you supply the license once during the local install on the first node and it will install that license on the other nodes. If the first node was installed in demo mode then the other nodes will be as well.
  • Install LiteSpeed to the active node first and then to the remaining nodes.

To install LiteSpeed on a cluster

  1. Launch the .msi file on one node in the cluster. This node must have an install of each SQL Server instance on which you want to install LiteSpeed.

  2. Choose “Install LiteSpeed to all nodes automatically” which is the default option. This is the recommended option for doing an initial installation to the cluster configuration.

  3. Complete the wizard. For more information, see Install LiteSpeed Locally.

To install LiteSpeed on a node only

  1. If you have added a new node to an existing cluster configuration and want to install LiteSpeed to this new node only, run .msi on this particular node and use the “Install LiteSpeed to this node only” option.

Instance Configuration uses WMI to deploy the .msi file to all nodes. You do not need to run the installation from the passive nodes or failover any nodes of the cluster during the installation process. This process automatically upgrades any old version of LiteSpeed on any node.

If you have issues while running the Instance Configuration Wizard during installation, cancel out of the wizard and complete the installation without it. After the installation completes run the Instance Configuration Wizard from the Start menu and complete it.


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