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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Security and Compliance Guide

Install LiteSpeed Silently

LiteSpeed may also be installed locally from the command line or remotely using the LANDesk, SCCM or WMI deployment tools.

NOTE: The silent installation procedure requires the user running the installer be logged into the Windows machine with Local Administrator level access.

  • To install LiteSpeed on SQL Server 2012, you may need to launch Instance Configuration manually from the Start Menu or use SQL Server authentication when configuring server instances. Otherwise, you will need to add the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account to the sysadmin server role at the time of installation. For more information, see Privilege and Grant Requirements.

The silent install requires the following:

Command-Line Parameters

NOTE: All paths in the msiexec string should be passed as fully qualified paths, including the drive letter.

Parameter Description
/i This is an installation.
/l*v Invokes logging (The *v invokes verbose logging.) The path of the log file is indicated by, "C:\logfile.txt").
/qn Suppresses the graphic user interface.
SILENTPHASE=0 Runs Instance Configuration silently.

Indicates the fully qualified path to the .xml file for Instance Configuration. Must be local to the system.

NOTE: Version 6.5 of LiteSpeed introduced the new improved XML file format. Although the configuration files created by a LiteSpeed version prior to 6.5 can be manually used with the current LiteSpeed installer, it is recommended, that you generate the new files. For more information, see Install LiteSpeed on Remote Server Instances.

LICENSEKEY Passes the license key.
SITEMSG Passes site message. Required only when upgrading from a LiteSpeed 8.5 or earlier installation.

Indicates the license type:

  • "RESTORE"—LiteSpeed will be installed in Restore Only mode.
ENGINEONLY=1 Installs LiteSpeed for SQL Server without the LiteSpeed UI Console.
CLIENTONLY=1 Installs only the LiteSpeed UI Console.
INSTALLDIR="D:\Program Files\Quest Software" Provides an alternate install destination to the default C:\Program Files.


To run a silent install

msiexec /i "c:\Litespeed.msi" SILENTINSTALLXML="C:\LiteSpeedRemoteDeploy_Server.xml" SILENTPHASE=0 /qn

To register LiteSpeed on all* instances during install

msiexec /i "c:\LiteSpeed.msi" LICENSEKEY="C20TM3Q3K2HD74UDLBMHC6KYV6HZ3MQFNXZFB-123-45678-34" SITEMSG="Trial Version" LICENSETYPE="LICENSE" SILENTINSTALLXML="c:\LiteSpeedRemoteDeploy_Server.xml" SILENTPHASE=0 /qn

*—all instances that were specified in the .XML file.

SITEMSG="Trial Version" - The Site Message is applicable only when upgrading from a LiteSpeed 8.5 or earlier installation.

To run an install with logging enabled

msiexec /i "c:\LiteSpeed.msi" /l*v "c:\logfile.txt" SILENTINSTALLXML="c:\LiteSpeedRemoteDeploy_Server.xml" SILENTPHASE=0 /qn

To run install, but not Instance Configuration

msiexec /i "c:\Litespeed.msi" SILENTPHASE=0 /qn

To uninstall LiteSpeed

msiexec /uninstall "c:\Litespeed.msi"


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