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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Security and Compliance Guide

Install and Configure the Backup-Archive Client

Install the IBM Spectrum Protect™ (TSM) backup-archive client on the server where LiteSpeed will be executing the backup/restore command. For instructions, refer to the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Implementation guide available at

Ensure that you do a complete install of the backup-archive client. This will install API-specific files on the SQL Server. In the install options, select Custom install and select to install the Client API runtime files [Ben told me that he has never seen a BA Client install that would not install the Client API; and it is necessary to use the BA Client (not the Client API) to create a password to use for PASSWORDAccess generate].

Confirm that the installer has installed the API

Check that the following files have been installed in the API directory:

  • apienu.dll
  • dscameng.txt (not installed with some of the supported versions of TSM)
  • dscenu.txt
  • dsierror.log [Jim Harrington says it is not installed]

Set up the client option file

If the TSM client API is installed with the default options then the options file (dsm.opt) is typically located in the C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient directory. At a minimum, the client option file must contain the following:

  • Tcpport

The client API needs the communication method and the IP address and TCP port of the TSM server to initiate a session. TCPSERVERADDRESS can use either the IP address or the computer name of the TSM server.

For general instructions on the client option file and information on additional options, refer to the IBM Spectrum Protect™ (TSM) Implementation guide and the IBM Spectrum Protect™ (TSM) API Documentation available at

Tip: You can create a new options file for use with LiteSpeed and locate it anywhere you like. ClosedClick here to see the contents of a sample options file.Following are the contents of a sample options file for LiteSpeed:

commmethod tcpip
tcpport 1500
nodename enc2033
passwordaccess generate
deduplication yes
dedupcachepath c:\cases
errorlogname c:\dsierror.log


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