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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Security and Compliance Guide

About Using TSM with LiteSpeed

IBM Spectrum Protect™ (Tivoli Storage Manager - TSM) and LiteSpeed integrate to cover a very broad range of enterprise storage solutions, and therefore is a critical part of any major corporation's disaster recovery strategy.

TSM is a data backup and storage solution used in many large enterprises.

LiteSpeed® for SQL Server®, or LiteSpeed, is a fast and flexible backup and recovery solution that allows database administrators to easily maintain complete control over the backup and recovery process. LiteSpeed's low-impact, high-performance compression and encryption technology helps reduce storage costs and protect data, while maintaining a high level of recoverability.

LiteSpeed interfaces with the TSM through the TSM API, allowing users to conduct backups directly to TSM using LiteSpeed T-SQL commands or the LiteSpeed command-line utility. Any DBA can write a script and effectively start sending their SQL Server backups to TSM directly.

Because the backup data stream is compressed as part of the backup process this effectively reduces the network footprint of the backup as it transits across the network from the database server to storage. LiteSpeed complement Tivoli's restore process by reducing the size of the database backups that need to be handled during a restore scenario.

Using LiteSpeed with TSM combines the small, secure, and rapid backups of LiteSpeed with the state-of-the-art storage and retrieval system of TSM.


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