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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Security and Compliance Guide

About Automating Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance plans help you automate routine database maintenance tasks, such as backing up databases, updating statistics, and rebuilding indexes to run on a specific day and time. This ensures that your databases are stable and perform at optimal levels.

Legacy and SSIS Maintenance Plans

4.x maintenance plans are considered legacy plans.

In SQL Server 2005 or later, maintenance plans create SSIS packages that run as agent jobs.

To take advantage of Integration Services (SSIS) in maintenance plans, Integration Services must be installed on any server instance where you want to create maintenance plans. Integration Services may be a part of the Client Tools or a part of SQL Server.


  • Express edition of SQL Server does not support maintenance plans.
  • LiteSpeed also creates a legacy maintenance plan when:
    • SSIS components are not installed on server.
    • SQL Server 2005 SSIS components version is lower than 9.00.3042 (Service Pack 2).

Native SQL Server and LiteSpeed Maintenance Plans

LiteSpeed® for SQL Server®, or LiteSpeed, is a fast and flexible backup and recovery solution that allows database administrators to easily maintain complete control over the backup and recovery process. LiteSpeed's low-impact, high-performance compression and encryption technology helps reduce storage costs and protect data, while maintaining a high level of recoverability. Please refer to the LiteSpeed documentation for more information.

You can manage both native SQL Server and LiteSpeed maintenance plans in the LiteSpeed UI Console. LiteSpeed maintenance plans have the extended task set and a larger number of advanced options, including the high-performance compression technology LiteSpeed uses to create backups. Please refer to the LiteSpeed documentation for more information.

You need to have LiteSpeed installed on every server instance where you want to create LiteSpeed maintenance plans. Otherwise, only native SQL Server functionality is available.

Convert to LiteSpeed

You can convert native SQL Server maintenance plans to LiteSpeed maintenance plans. Using this option, you can also convert previous LiteSpeed maintenance plans to the latest version. Upgrade LiteSpeed Maintenance Plans

NOTE: For legacy maintenance plans, all tasks will be converted and native xp_sqlmaint (Microsoft SQL Server native extended stored procedure) will be changed to xp_slssqlmaint.

To convert a maintenance plan

  1. Select Maintenance Plans in the Navigation pane (CTRL+4).
  2. Right-click a maintenance plan and select Convert to LiteSpeed.
  1. Double-click a maintenance plan in the Object Explorer.
  2. Click on the Design pane toolbar.


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