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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Installation Guide

Troubleshoot Maintenance Plans

Leverage SSIS and LiteSpeed advanced options

Some tasks and advanced options can be unavailable if you do not select Use LiteSpeed when configuring tasks. See About Automating Maintenance Tasks for more information.

Install Backward Compatibility components

If you receive one of the following error messages, you probably need the Backward Compatibility components installed:

  • "Executed as user: ... sqlmaint.exe failed. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 22029). The step failed."- double-click a plan in the History page to view the event message.
  • "The SQLDMO 'Application' object failed to initialize." - run the maintenance plan task script in SSMS 2008.

For more information, see

Resolve upgrade issues

LiteSpeed plans may fail after the in-place upgrade of SQL Server. Upgrade LiteSpeed Maintenance Plans

Analyze log information

Enable advanced logging and review log files for errors or work with Quest Software support to identify and resolve plan problems. Reporting and Logging in Maintenance Plans

NOTE: For all scenarios, the best is to upgrade all of your servers to the latest LiteSpeed version.


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