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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Installation Guide

Troubleshoot LiteSpeed Activity

Local repository is not populated

If the computer name is changed, the local repository settings are not found, because LiteSpeed refers to the old computer name. As a result, the Local Repository database is not being populated and you cannot view LiteSpeed activity.

You need to update @@SERVERNAME for all instances on that computer and re-run the Instance Configuration wizard.

To update @@SERVERNAME value

Run the following:

exec sp_dropserver 'old_name'
exec sp_addserver 'new_name', 'local'

To run Instance Configuration

  1. Select Start | All Programs | Quest Software | LiteSpeed for SQL Server | Instance Configuration.
  2. Review the names of the instances on the SQL Instances step.
  3. Complete the wizard.

4.x jobs not displayed

The timeline does not automatically show 4.x backup/restore jobs. However, you can manually rename the jobs and they will appear in the timeline.

To view 4.x jobs

  • Rename backup jobs to:

    LiteSpeed Backup SERVER_NAME.database_name

  • Rename restore jobs to:

    LiteSpeed Restore SERVER_NAME.database_name

Be sure to use upper case for SERVER_NAME. Additionally, you need to add a comment to maintenance plans to provide information about the databases involved in the plan:

  • Comment should begin with /** and end with **/
  • Specify the databases inside {}. Use a semicolon as a separator. For example: {northwind;pubs;litespeedlocal}
  • {*system} means all system databases.
  • {*user} means all user databases.
  • {*} means all databases
  • It is possible to use combinations. For example: {northwind;pubs;litespeedlocal}{*system} means all system databases plus specified. {master}{*user} means all user databases plus master.

Dell storage appliance not working with LiteSpeed

LiteSpeed has been tested and is certified to work with Dell DR4000, DR4100, and DR6000 storage appliances. In rare cases the DR storage appliance may not work with LiteSpeed.

To check the DR storage appliance

  1. Confirm the access rights of the SQLserver\agent startup account to the DR resource.
  2. Confirm network connectivity between the SQL server and the DR storage appliance.


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