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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Configure Log Shipping Guide

Register Repositories

When you create or upgrade a central repository, you must register it in the LiteSpeed UI Console before you can view its activity statistics.

Note: If the LiteSpeed install includes a central repository and the console, then LiteSpeed defaults the console to use that central repository automatically without the need to manually register and select it in the LiteSpeed console.

To register a repository

  1. Click Repository Registration from the Application Menu.

    Alternately you can click beside the Central Repository field at the bottom of the LiteSpeed UI Console and select Select Repository.

  2. Click Add repository and complete the Register New Repository dialog fields.

    Server name: Enter the name of the server instance, or click to select from a list of available server instances.

    Display name:

    Enter the name to display in the navigation pane tree.

    Connect using: Select the following options:

    Windows authentication

    Select this option to connect to the SQL Server instance using Windows authentication.

    SQL Server Authentication

    Select this option to connect to the SQL Server instance using SQL Server authentication. Complete the Login name and Password fields.

    Additional Connection Parameters

    Enter additional connection string parameters.

    TIP: Use this selection as needed to include custom parameters such as encryption, AlwaysOn and others to the SQL server connection string.

    Repository database:

    Displays the name of the repository database selected.

    Repository version:

    Displays the version of the repository.

  3. Click Test connection.


  • Select add repository, edit connection, delete connection, test connection, import, and export by clicking the corresponding button in the Edit Repository Registration dialog. Imports can be done from .csv files and from LiteSpeed 4.x.
  • You can click the Display name, Authentication, Login, or Password fields in the grid to change their value.


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