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LiteSpeed for SQL Server 8.9.5 - Configure Log Shipping Guide

Clean Up Maintenance Data

Use this task to remove obsolete backup files and maintenance plan reports.

To clean up maintenance plan data

  1. Drag the Clean Up Maintenance Plans task to the Design pane.

  2. Double-click the task and review the following for additional information:

    Delete files of the following types

    Select the type of files to clean up:

    • Backup files (disk and cloud)
    • Maintenance plan text reports
    • Any files
    Skip files in use by another process or access is denied Select this option to skip files that are in use by another process or application and/or cannot be accessed. When this option is not selected locked files are forcibly deleted.
    Delete specific file Select this option to delete a specific file. Enter the file name or select to browse for the file.
    Search folder and delete files based on extension Select this option to remove any files with a specific file extension. Enter the folder name or select to browse for the folder.
    File extension Enter the extension of the files you want to remove.
    Include all subfolders

    Select this option to include all subfolders when searching for files to remove.

    • Delete empty subfolder - Select this option to delete the empty subfolder.
    Delete files based on the age of the file at task run time. Delete files older than the following:

    Select this option to automatically delete files based on their age in number of hours, days, weeks, months, and years.


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