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KACE Desktop Authority 11.1 - Data Dictionary

Contents Database Schema
User Management Profile Data Computer Management Profile Data Hardware/Software Inventory Data User/Computer Activity Data ComputerIdentification ComputerSession DAConfigurationAuditLog DataImportConfiguration DomainUsers Hardware_Display Hardware_Inventory Hardware_IPAddress Hardware_LogicalDisk Hardware_Modem Hardware_NIC Hardware_Printer Hardware_Processor Hardware_SIMM Hardware_Storage Hardware_USB Hardware_VideoCard HardwareInventory ItemIdentification PatchApplication PatchApplication_Item PatchManagement_Severities Profile_Alerts Profile_ApplicationLauncher Profile_ApplicationLauncherCBM Profile_CommonFolderRedirection Profile_DataCollection Profile_DataCollectionCBM Profile_Display Profile_Drives Profile_Embargo Profile_Environment Profile_FileOperations Profile_FolderRedirection Profile_General Profile_GroupPolicyTemplates Profile_Inactivity Profile_INIFiles Profile_LegalNotice Profile_Logging Profile_MailProfile Profile_MessageBoxes Profile_MSOffice Profile_Outlook Profile_Outlook_BlockedSender Profile_Outlook_SafeRecipient Profile_Outlook_SafeSender Profile_PatchManagement Profile_PatchManagementCBM Profile_Path Profile_Permissions Profile_PostEngineScripts Profile_PowerManagement Profile_PreEngineScripts Profile_Printers Profile_Registry Profile_RegistryCBM Profile_RemoteManagement Profile_SecurityPolicies Profile_ServicePacks Profile_ServicePacksCBM Profile_Shortcuts Profile_SoftwareDeployment Profile_SoftwareDeploymentCBM Profile_TimeSync Profile_WakeOnLanBeaconCBM Profile_WebBrowser Profile_WebBrowser_ExceptionAddOn Profile_WebBrowser_ExceptionCookies Profile_WebBrowser_ExceptionPassword Profile_WebBrowser_ExceptionPopUp Profile_WebBrowser_IntranetSite Profile_WebBrowser_RestrictedSite Profile_WindowsFirewall Profiles SoftwareInventory UserSession UserSessionActivity
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This table holds User activity session data. A session starts at logon, then all locks, unlocks of the workstation get recorded here until the machine is logged off of or restarted. Then a new Usersession record will be created from this data. A User Management Data Collection element must be configured to capture this data.



Session Activity ID



Computer ID



Session ID



Session Event



Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) offset



Activity Time



Activity Time Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

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