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IT Security Search 11.5.1 - Release Notes

Release Notes

Quest® IT Security Search 11.5.1

Release Notes

November 2022

These release notes provide information about the Quest® IT Security Search release.


About this release

IT Security Search provides IT administrators, IT managers and security teams with a way to navigate the expanse of information about the enterprise infrastructure.

New features

New features in IT Security Search 11.5.1:

  • Removal of vulnerabilities as described below

    • Insufficient Logging of Exceptions
    • Newtonsoft.Json vulnerability
    • Heap Inspection Vulnerabilities

Removed features

  • Removal of Spark (autorun.exe) from ITSS installer.

System requirements

Before installing IT Security Search 11.5.1, ensure that your system meets the following minimum hardware and software requirements.


The following versions of data-providing systems are supported in this version of IT Security Search:

  • InTrust 11.5, 11.4.2, 11.4.1, 11.4, 11.3.2, 11.3.1, 11.3
  • Change Auditor 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0.4, 7.0.3, 7.0.2, 7.0.1, 7.0, 6.9.5, 6.9.4, 6.9.3, 6.9.2, 6.9.1, 6.9
  • Enterprise Reporter 3.2.2, 3.2.1, 3.2, 3.1
  • Recovery Manager for Active Directory 10.2.2, 10.2.1, 10.1.1, 10.1, 10.0.1, 10.0, 9.0.1, 9.0, 8.8.1
  • Active Roles 8.0, 7.5.3, 7.5.2, 7.4.1, 7.4, 7.3.2, 7.3.1, 7.2.1, 7.2, 7.1

NOTE:The ARS installer is removed from the ITSS installer to adhere with the new AirGap compliance requirements.

Software Requirements

  • Operating system:
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Additional software:
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later
    • Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0 or later
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or later (all editions)
      This is a requirement of the IT Security Search Warehouse component, which needs it for internal configuration management.
  • Additional requirements for the Recovery Manager for Active Directory connector:
  • Additional requirements for the Active Roles connector:
    • Active Roles Management Tools
    • The PowerShell script operation policy must be set to RemoteSigned.

NOTE:Change Auditor components can be deployed on virtual machines running in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Browser Compatibility

The IT Security Search Web interface works correctly with the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome 72.0 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 65.0 or later

The minimum supported monitor resolution is 1024x768.

Hardware Requirements

  • CPU: 6 cores minimum; 16 cores recommended
  • RAM: 8GB minimum; 16GB or more recommended
  • Disk: 200GB (SSD recommended); disk space requirements are very dependent on the volume of Enterprise Reporter and Active Roles data being processed, because the index size varies proportionally; the indexes for Change Auditor, Recovery Manager for AD and InTrust data do not consume any disk space on the IT Security Search computer, because they are located in the data stores used by these systems
  • If you deploy on a virtual machine, make sure the CPU and memory requirements above are met, and do not overload the virtual machine host

To find out the disk requirements for IT Security Search installation, consider the sections below. They describe how much disk space is used for indexing data provided by specific connectors.

Disk Space for Enterprise Reporter Data in Warehouse

These are the average index entry sizes for each type of Enterprise Reporter object. Use them in calculating the required disk space for your particular on-premises or hybrid environment.

Note that there are generally multiple index entries per object, depending on how often objects are changed.

Object type

Average size

of an index entry,

in kilobytes

AD Permissions


AD Contacts














Azure Applications


Azure Contacts


Azure Devices


Azure Groups


Azure Network Security Groups


Azure Resource Groups


Azure Resource Subscriptions


Azure Resources


Azure Roles


Azure Service Principals


Azure Tenants


Azure Users


Azure Virtual Machines


Disk Space for Active Roles Event Data

An index entry for a single Active Roles event in IT Security Search Warehouse takes 0.5KB on average. Estimate the event rate in your environment to calculate the required disk space.

Disk Space for InTrust and Change Auditor Data

To display InTrust and Change Auditor events, IT Security Search uses the built-in indexes in InTrust and Change Auditor data stores, so no additional disk space is required.

Where to Install

It is recommended that you install IT Security Search in the same domain as the servers of your data-providing systems: InTrust, Enterprise Reporter, Change Auditor, Recovery Manager for Active Directory and Active Roles. Do not install IT Security Search on any of those systems' servers.

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