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InTrust 11.4.2 - Technical Insight

Tracking Remote Agent State

Remote agent state is tracked using “keep-alive” packets. Each remote agent sends a ‘keep alive’ packet to InTrust Server every 2 minutes (this setting can be edited with Comm_AgentSendLifeMarkInterval organization parameter). The InTrust Server Service records the latest 'keep-alive' arrival time in the LastTimeMark column of the ADCInstalledAgent table in the configuration database, and then a corresponding state is assigned considering the difference between CurrentTime and LastTimeMark (i.e., current time and last ping received).

Currenttime-lastTimeMark State Action

Org Parameter

< 4 mins Running


+ 4 mins Not responding

If the InTrust server is not using the agent (gathering etc.), then the InTrust server waits to see if the agent starts sending keep-alives.

If a gathering job is run or the Install Agents on Site option is selected, InTrust tries to recover the agent.


+ 10 mins Lost InTrust tries to recover the agent


n/a Awaiting Authorization  

An Administrator must reconnect (add) the agent to the InTrust server

To view current agent’s state, in InTrust Manager, select Configuration | InTrust Servers, expand your InTrust Server’s node, and click Agents.

Remote Agent Uninstallation

Remote agents can be uninstalled manually, semi-automatically or automatically. For more details, see the following topics:

To uninstall an agent that was installed from an *.msi package, an administrator can use the Add/Remove Programs facility. However, if the agent was installed through the command prompt, an administrator should execute the adcscm.nt_intel.exe –uninstall command on the remote agent computer (executable name varies depending on platform). This command does the following:

  1. Removes the connection between the remote computer and the InTrust Server.
  2. Stops the remote agent and uninstalls it from the remote agent computer


-uninstall Uninstalls the agent

Removes a connection between the agent and the specified InTrust server on the specified port


Unregisters (removes) an alias for the computer on the specified InTrust server (removes the alias from the list of names that can be used to access the agent and updates the display name used by InTrust Manager)


Stops the agent


Removes the agent, but does not delete the agent configuration

Semi-Automatic Uninstallation of Remote Agents

To uninstall the remote agent, an administrator has to right-click on the agent in InTrust Manager and select Uninstall. The uninstall behavior varies depending on the remote agent state and the number of InTrust servers it has a connection to:

Agent State Number of InTrust Servers Connected Action
Any state except Running Any

Connection between the agent and the InTrust server is removed.

Running 1 Connection between the agent and the InTrust server is removed; the remote agent is stopped and then uninstalled.
Running >1

Connection between the agent and the InTrust server is removed (the parent InTrust server of the agent object selected in the InTrust Manager console)

Automatic Uninstallation of Remote Agents

If a remote agent cannot connect to an InTrust server for more than 7 days (set by the AgentUninstallTimeout organization parameter), the remote agent uninstalls itself. If an agent communicates to several InTrust servers, this timeout should occur for each server the agent works with.

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