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InTrust 11.4.2 - Contingency Planning Guide

Repository Recovery

Repository Failure

Backup Copy Solution
Repository backup available Restore the repository from the backup; in InTrust Manager | Configuration |Data Stores | Repositories, modify the UNC path in the properties of the repository object so that it refers to recovered repository.
No backup

Repository data is lost.

1 In InTrust Manager, select Configuration | Data Stores | Repositories, and open your the properties of your repository. Find out the repository name and location. In the file system, create a new repository with the same name and location.

2 Alternatively, a new repository can be created automatically (in the location specified in the repository properties) when a gathering job starts.

Monitoring Console Recovery

InTrust Monitoring Console Failure

Backup Copy


InTrust Configuration Database operates normally, or has been restored from the backup

Reinstall Monitoring Console.

No backup of InTrust Configuration Database

For details, see Configuration Database Recovery. After you have recovered the configuration database, reinstall Monitoring Console and reconfigure all profiles.


InTrust Manager Recovery

InTrust Manager Corrupted due to Disk Failure

Backup Copy


Disk backup available

Restore InTrust Manager from the backup.

No disk backup Reinstall InTrust Manager.

Knowledge Portal Recovery

Knowledge Portal Web Application Fails

Reinstall Knowledge Portal component. Report Packs will be available for use without special recovery measures.

SQL Server Reporting Services Failure

Backup Copy


Reporting Services backup available

Restore Reporting Services from backup. Backup and recovery procedures are described in Backup and Restore Operations for a Reporting Services Installation. Report Pack will be available for use without special recovery measures.

No backup

Install Reporting Services anew; Report Packs must be reinstalled.

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