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Foglight for SQL Server (Cartridge) - Release Notes

Foglight® for SQL Server 6.0.0

Foglight® for SQL Server 6.0.0

Welcome to Foglight for SQL Server

Foglight® for SQL Server allows database administrators (DBAs) to quickly and efficiently identify performance deviations, determine their root cause, perform comprehensive analyses, and resolve performance bottlenecks. This product provides web-enabled dashboards for centralized visibility, management and health checks for the SQL Server instances deployed in your environment, as well as proactive alerting and alarm workflows for tracking your responses to critical performance anomalies.

Foglight for SQL Server is an n-tier application, which leverages a web-based user interface to ensure having complete visibility into the SQL Server infrastructure wherever an Internet connection is available.

These Release Notes cover the resolved issues, known issues, workarounds and other important information about 6.0.0 release of Foglight for SQL Server. Review all sections before starting installation.

New in this release

Resolved issues and enhancements


Fixed an issue where' Availability Group Database is not Failover Ready' incorrectly triggers when database role is secondary


Fixed an issue where the Index Fragmentation Report failed to run for large databases.


Fixed an issue causing Deadlock Numbers to sometimes not match.


Fixed an issue with TLS version 1.2 only preventing the SQL Server agent from connecting to the database.


Fixed issue with errors "Cannot get a connection, pool error Timeout waiting for idle object" when running the sample PI query.


Fixed issue with SQL Activity | Disk Queue Length graphs showing “some data is unavailable”.


Resolved issue with memory usage data missing from the SQL Server Health Check report


Added multiSubnetFailover option for multi subnet AlwaysOn availability groups connection


Fixed issue with SQL Server Error Log message alarms not being captured SQL Server

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