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Foglight for Oracle (Cartridge) - User Guide

Installing and Configuring Agents Using Foglight for Oracle
Viewing the Databases Dashboard Assigning Instances to Users Selecting an Instance to Monitor Foglight for Oracle Overview Dashboard Overview view Advisories view SQL Performance Investigator (SQL PI) Oracle Activity Drilldown Pluggable Databases Drilldown Storage Drilldown Reviewing Configuration Settings Reviewing the Alert Log Reviewing Monitored Data Guard Environments Reviewing ASM Instances Reviewing Exadata-related Information
Administering Foglight for Oracle Reporting Reference Glossary


The mechanism by which Foglight for Oracle alerts users to a condition that might be a problem in the Oracle instance.


The process of identifying and verifying a user who is attempting to establish an Oracle session. With Oracle Authentication, users must have an Oracle login and password which is validated against an Oracle system table.

Buffer Wait

Buffer wait events result from a contention in accessing database block buffers; for example, if the requested data block is in an incompatible mode (buffer busy), or if the buffer does not contain sufficient disk space for reading the data block (free buffer).


The process by which Foglight for Oracle determines the maximum and minimum values for every dataflow on the home page, by observing data moving through the database system. This information helps Foglight for Oracle display the data flows correctly.

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