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Foglight for Infrastructure 6.0.0 - User Guide

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Appendix: Building regular expressions in Foglight

Appendix: Building regular expressions in Foglight

This section describes regular expression basics and gives hands-on examples. For more details, see these topics:

What is a regular expression?

A regular expression is a sequence of characters used to describe text ranges, patterns, and various kinds of special conditions. Regular expressions are supported in many programming languages, including Java® and Groovy, the core languages that Foglight uses.

The syntax of Groovy regular expressions comes from Java, so the syntax of Java and Groovy regular expressions is the same.

Where can I find regular expressions?

Regular expressions can be found in many parts of Foglight. For example, credential mappings use the regular expression syntax to select the hosts accessible with a specific credential.

The Excluded Drives property of the WindowsAgent is another example of a regular expression usage in Foglight.

In addition, regular expressions can be found in LogFilter expressions, FxV Hit Analysis, and other parts of Foglight.

Regular expression basics

The simplest regular expression is a basic text string containing only alphanumeric characters. For example, Host1, matches the same value, Host1.

A regular expression is fundamentally different from a pattern using file name wild cards such as an asterisk ‘*’ or a question mark ‘?’. For example, issuing a search in Windows® Explorer using *.jpg as a filter matches all files with the .jpg extension.

This is not a regular expression, it is a simple filter that uses wild cards. An equivalent regular expression that selects all files with the .jpg extension is .*\\.jpg. The details of this regular expression are covered next.

For more details, see these topics:

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