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Foglight for Infrastructure 5.9.3 - Infrastructure Utilities Release Notes

Foglight Infrastructure Utilities 5.9.3 Release Notes

Foglight® Infrastructure Utilities

Foglight® Web Monitor 5.9.3
Foglight® Net Monitor 5.9.3
Foglight® for PowerVM 5.9.3

Developed for Foglight Management Server 5.9.3

Release Notes

July 2018



Welcome to Foglight Infrastructure Utilities

New in this Release

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

Known Issues

Third Party Known Issues

Upgrade and Compatibility

System Requirements


Product Licensing

Getting Started with Foglight Infrastructure Utilities

About Us


Welcome to Foglight Infrastructure Utilities

Welcome to Foglight Infrastructure Utilities

Foglight Infrastructure Utilities consists of the following components:

  • Foglight® Web Monitor allows you to monitor Web transactions that occur between your Web sites and the end users, by tracking response time statistics from one or more locations. Better management of your Web sites can be achieved when you are alerted of potential problems, before end users are affected. This ensures consistent performance of your Web sites at established service levels.
  • Foglight® Net Monitor provides device availability and packet loss monitoring between monitoring locations and network devices. You can use it to monitor the network against service level agreements, and to check for the presence of devices that are critical to your operating environment.
  • Foglight® for PowerVM allows you to monitor IBM® PowerVM® environments. Foglight alerts you about infrastructure problems as soon as they develop, enabling you to resolve issues proactively before end users are affected. Early intervention ensures consistent application performance at established service levels. Foglight for PowerVM monitors the health of your virtual system by tracking the levels of resource utilization such as CPU, network, and memory consumption of individual objects in your integrated environment.

These Release Notes cover the resolved issues, known issues, workarounds and other important information about the Foglight Infrastructure Utilities.

Note: As of these release notes, the most current version of Foglight Infrastructure Utilities are:

  • Foglight Web Monitor 5.9.3
  • Foglight Net Monitor 5.9.3
  • Foglight for PowerVM 5.9.3

Review all sections before starting the installation.

Foglight Log Monitor

Foglight Log Monitor is an Infrastructure utility shipped with Foglight for Infrastructure which monitors log files and identifies activities that can potentially lead to performance issues.

Note: For more information about Foglight Log Monitor including known and resolved issues, see the Foglight for Infrastructure Release Notes and Foglight for Infrastructure User and Reference Guide.


New in this Release

New in this Release

This release contains the following  new features and updates:

Foglight Web Monitor New Features

Foglight Web Monitor 5.9.3 introduces the following new feature: 

  • Changed TSLv1 default option from true to false, because TLSv1.0 will be end of life in this June. (IC-4117)

Foglight Net Monitor New Features

Foglight Net Monitor 5.9.3 introduces the following new feature:

  •  Changed the default privileges required for accessing the NetMonitor Performance Browser dashboard to "Administrator, Advanced Operator, General Access, Operator". (IC-3518)

Foglight for PowerVM New Features

Foglight for PowerVM 5.9.3 does not include any new features.


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