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Foglight for Exchange - Foglight for Office 365 User Guide

Deploy the Foglight for Office 365 agent package

Click Deploy Agent Package in the Administration tab > Tasks list.

Managing Foglight for Office 365 agents

Foglight for Office 365 agents collect data from the Exchange Online environment, which is then used to populate the performance metrics presented in the Office 365 Environment dashboard and views.

This section describes how to:

Add and configure Foglight for Office 365 agents

IMPORTANT: Foglight for Office 365 uses the CATALYST_URL registry variable to redirect you to the Foglight login page after completing the permission consent process. Ensure that this registry variable is correctly configured before proceeding with the agent creation wizard.
Click Create Agent on the Agents management toolbar.
On the Manage Permissions for Office 365 page, carefully read the instructions about the steps that you need to take before proceeding with the wizard, then click the link Click here to go to Office 365 web page for application permission consent.
Click Accept to complete the permission consent and be redirected to the Foglight login page.
The Create an Office 365 Agent wizard appears, with the Manage Permissions for Office 365 page displayed.
Click Next.
On the Select Agent Manager Host page, select the Foglight Agent Manager host to be used for the new Office 365 agent instances.
The Office 365 Package Deployed column indicates whether the Office 365 agent package is already deployed to the Agent Manager host(s). A green check in this column indicates that the agent package has been deployed.
Click Next.
On the Assign and Validate Domain Credentials page, review the available credentials, and edit them, as necessary.
To create a new credential, click Add domain to a new credential.
In the Create New Credential and Assign dialog box, create a credential that you want to use to access the monitored resource. Type a new credential name, user name, password, and lockbox, and click Submit.
To select an existing credential, click Add domain to an existing credential.
In the Select Existing Credential dialog box, select an existing credential, and click Submit.
Click Next.
On the Summary page, review the configuration settings chosen for the new agent, and click Finish.
The Agent Setup wizard closes. A confirmation dialog appears when the operation is complete.
Click OK to close the dialog box.

Activate, deactivate, and delete agents

Click Activate.
Click Deactivate.
Click Delete.
Click Delete to confirm the operation.
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