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Foglight for DB2 (Cartridge) - Release Notes

Resolved issues and enhancements

Resolved issues and enhancements

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release.

Defect ID

Resolved Issue


Fixed a "DatabaseTablesProcess" error due to a a null table name value.


Fixed an "Only data from one encoding scheme" error when trying to monitor a non-Unicode database in Agent Setup Wizard.


Fixed "The provided db2home belong to another instance" error found in the Agent Setup Wizard when DB2 runs on Windows 2012 or above.

DB2FOG-19 Fixed a wrong "DB2 - Database Log Utilization" alarm trigged when monitoring a database with infinite logging.

Issues also resolved in version

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in release.

Defect ID

Resolved Issue


Fixed the error occurred when granting or checking user permissions in DB2 version 9.7.

Remove SYSPROC.PD_GET_LOG_MSGS in check permission list, add SYSIBMADM.PRIVILEGES into the granted permission list, and support three variables in grant script for DB2 version 10.1.


No data was displayed in the Current Agent List due to the Current_Agents_Details truncation error.


The Activity >Top table > Road Read graph cannot display data because the tabname and tabschema are null.


Known issues

Known issues

The following is a list of issues known to exist at the time of this release.

Defect ID

Known Issue

DB instance is still synchronized and displayed in FMS federation master even though it is stopped for some reason and not displayed in the FMS federation child.


If you select either of DB_DB2, DB_DB2_UI, DB_Global_View_UI cartridges then click Reset on the Cartridge Inventory dashboard, the upgrade wizard will prompt again.

Workaround: Do the following:

1. Navigate to the Administration > Rules & Notifications > Manage Registry Variables dashboard.

2. Search for "DB2_Is_Fglams_Required_Upgrade".

3. Change its value to "-1".


If your DB2 version is 10.1, granting user permission may fail due to inconsistent parameter().


The Management Server 5.7.1 stops responding when clicking charts on the Tablespaces dashboard.

Workaround: Upgrade the Management Server to 5.7.5 or later.

DDB-5387 For DB2 version 9.7 and above, the following metrics are not available due to DB2 limitations: AGENT_USR_CPU_TIME_MS, AGENT_SYS_CPU_TIME_MS, LAST_RESET.
DDB-5376 For DB2 version 9.7 and 10.1, some statistics information about db2 background processes is not collected due to DB2 limitation

The DB2 installer does not support foreign languages on Windows machine.
The DB2 agent should be created manually through Foglight Administration > Agent Status.
The fields that needs to be modified are:

  • DB2 Host - the Physical Host the DB2 instance resides on
  • Port - DB2 port
  • User and Password for the DB2 instance
  • Monitored DB's - the associated Databases **The monitored databases secondary properties should be cloned first.
  • Monitored members - the associated partitions\members **The monitored members secondary properties should be cloned first.
  • DB2 home - DB2 home of the monitored instance

Once the agent was activated, the following errors may be occurred:

  • The agent will fail to detect standby (HADR) databases, so our collections will fail for those databases.
  • DB2_Log_File_Size collection will fail
  • The agent will fail to detect number of active databases, so the metric 'con_local_dbases' in the instance activity will not be set
DDB-3669 The Foglight for DB2 LUW Upgrade Wizard does not support the upgrade of external agents if the Agent Manager is not version 5.6.2 or later.
Workaround: Upgrade to Foglight Management Server 5.6.4 or later.
DDB-2860 An Agent Manager that is installed on a Windows fail-over cluster as a service that runs on the active node cannot monitor databases that are located on the same cluster. This is an Agent Manager limitation.
DDB-2745 The Memory Summary panel and the corresponding alarm display "null" when there are no child pools under a memory pool.
DDB-2706 If you have a Foglight for DB2 LUW agent that has never been used to collect data and you upgrade to Foglight for DB2 LUW 5.6.4 or later, you will not be able to activate and use the agent seamlessly. To activate and use the Foglight for DB2 LUW agent seamlessly, you must first create an Infrastructure agent and then manually set up resource mapping for that agent. For information on how to create an Infrastructure agent, see the Infrastructure Cartridge documentation. For information on how to set up resource mapping, see the Foglight Administration and Configuration Help.
DDB-2637 When the legacy Cartridge for DB2 LUW and Foglight for DB2 LUW 5.5.x are installed on the same Foglight Management Server and you upgrade the latter to Foglight for DB2 LUW 5.6.4 or later, the online help for the legacy version is no longer available.
1. On the navigation panel, navigate to Administration > Cartridges > Cartridge Inventory.
2. Select the check box next to the DB2_OnlineHelp cartridge.
3. Click Disable to disable the cartridge.
4. Click Enable to enable the cartridge.
When you are finished, both online help versions are displayed in the action panel.
DDB-2073 For DB2 version below 9.7, the CPU collected and displayed for a monitored instance is the CPU for only the monitored databases under that instance. The instance CPU does not include the CPU for any databases that are under the instance, and are not monitored.


When monitoring an instance running on Windows using a Foglight Agent Manager that is running on a non-Windows platform, open file descriptors are not closed correctly.

Workaround: On the Foglight Agent Manager machine, the "description" limit is configured to "1024". This value should be defined as "unlimited" or to a larger number, for example "65535".

GVFOG-60 The "Error executing script" error shows in the server log, if user clicks any tab or component on the Global View.
GVFOG-37 The Databases dashboard does not appear after user upgrades the Foglight for DB2 LUW to using SPM installer.
N/A Need to wait for more than ten minutes between the upgrade of the Foglight Management Server and Foglight for DB2 LUW.


The tasks listed below cannot be accomplished from the central Foglight Management Server (the federation master):

  • Creating agents
  • Administering agents
  • Viewing a monitored instance from the federation master which is defined under two or more federation child server.


This release of Foglight for DB2 LUW supports adding databases to existing instances only using the Databases Management view in the Databases Administration dashboard.

Third party known issues

The following is a list of third party issues known to exist at the time of this release.

Cartridge-related issues

Defect ID

Known Issue


The Foglight Agent Manager (FglAM) failed to restart when upgrading DB Cartridge, which is due to "Could not obtain a deployment lock" error.

Workaround: Perform the procedure described in the Knowledge Article 266110.


WMI-related issue

Problem: WMI support is affected by the firewall on versions of Windows prior to Windows 7.

Workaround: For Windows versions prior to Windows Server 2008/Vista, use the following steps:

  1. Open TCP port: 135.
    WMI by default uses the port range 1024 to 5000.

  2. Open up a range of ports above port 5000.
    Port numbers below 5000 may already be in use by other applications and could cause conflicts with your DCOM applications.
    It is recommended to have at least 100 ports opened, as several system services rely on these RPC ports to communicate with each other.

  3. Add the registry key, including additional ports.

    • Use the RPCCfg.exe (Windows Resource Kits) by running: rpccfg.exe -pe 5009-5009 -d 0

    • Manually add the registry keys under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Rpc\Internet

For Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008:

According to Microsoft (, the default dynamic port range for TCP/IP has changed in these versions. The new default start port is 49152 and end port is 65535. Subsequently, monitoring instances that run under these operation systems can be carried out by using either one of the following options:

  • Configure the firewalls to allow traffic between servers in the dynamic port range of 49152 through 65535 (less secure).

  • Limit the port range that is used in each monitored server.


Monitoring a DB2 instance which resides on Windows Server 2008R2 or higher requires the following workaround:

  1. Browse to and log in.

  2. Implement the instructions provided in solution SOL65870.

Windows-related issues

Defect ID

Known Issue


Some base values are not updated when using the Win32_PerfRawData_PerfDisk_LogicalDisk WMI class to calculate performance data in Windows Vista or in Windows Server 2008, because this class does not contain the PercentDiskTime_Base metric.

Workaround: A hotfix is available on Microsoft's Web site, at


Upgrade and compatibility

Upgrade and compatibility

To upgrade Foglight for DB2 LUW, follow the instructions in the Managing DB2 Database Systems User and Reference Guide.

A direct upgrade to Foglight for DB2 is only available from version 5.7.5.x. Customers that are running 5.7.x of the product must first upgrade to version 5.7.5.x and then upgrade to version A direct upgrade to Foglight for DB2 5.7.x is only available from version 5.5.8 or later. Customers that are running earlier versions of the product must first upgrade to version 5.5.8 and then upgrade to version 5.7.x.

For example, if your Foglight for DB2 LUW is version 5.5.8 and you are going to upgrade to version, the upgrade path will be 5.5.8 >  5.7.x  > 5.7.5.x >

Foglight for DB2 LUW requires:

  • Management Server version 5.7.5.x, 5.9.1, 5.9.2, 5.9.3 or 5.9.4
  • Agent Manager version 5.8.5.x, 5.9.1, 5.9.2, 5.9.3 or 5.9.4


The following Foglight product versions and platforms are compatible with this release. 

Product Name

Product Version


Foglight Management Server






All platforms supported by these versions of the Foglight Management Server
Foglight Agent Manager
Note: The monitoring agents available in this version of Foglight for DB2 LUW support the Agent Manager HA failover mode. For more information about this mode, see the Agent Manager Guide.






All platforms supported by these versions of the Foglight Agent Manager


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