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Foglight for Databases 7.1.0 - User Guide

Running a Report

Click Run a Report on the Reports dashboard to select and generate a report immediately (in the PDF format, for example) using the Create Report wizard. If you have the Manager Report role or the Advanced Operator’s role, you can also schedule a report from this wizard. See Online-Only Topics for details about using this wizard.

Building a Custom Report

You can also create a custom report template, which is similar to creating a dashboard. By creating your own report templates, you can build reports directly from any dashboard or tailor the content and presentation of reports to suit your requirements.

Creating a Custom Report Template

Click Build a Custom Report on the Reports dashboard to choose the building blocks for your custom report using the Create Report wizard. SeeBuilding a Custom Report Template for details about using this wizard.

Immediately after building a custom template, you can use it to generate a report

Generating a Custom Report

The custom report templates you create appear under My Dashboards in the navigation panel. To run a report immediately based on one of these templates, select the template and click Run () on the toolbar.

Each time you run a report based on a custom report template, you can change the data Foglight includes in the report by setting the parameterized input values. For more information, see Using Parameterized Input Values.

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