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Foglight for Azure SQL Database (Cartridge) 6.0.0 - User Guide

Installing and Configuring Agents Using Foglight for Azure SQL Database Administering Foglight for Azure SQL Database Reporting Reference
Overview of Collections SQL Performance Investigator Metrics
Active Connections Active Time Active Time per Execution Active Time Rate Always On Average CPU Percent Average DTU Percent Average Memory Usage Percent Average SQL Response Time Average XTP Storage Percent Average Data IO Percent Average Log Write Percent Backup Recovery Blocked Sessions Connections CPU Limit CLR Wait CLR Wait per Execution CLR Wait Rate CPU Time CPU Time per Execution CPU Time Rate CPU Wait CPU Wait per Execution CPU Wait Rate Cursor Synchronization Database Replication Deferred Task Worker Distributed Transaction DTU Limit Elapsed Time Executions External Procedure Full Text Search Governor Wait Governor Wait per Execution Governor Wait Rate Granted Memory Hosted Component Inactive User Connections I/O Bulk Load I/O Completion I/O Data Page I/O Wait I/O Wait per Execution I/O Wait Rate Idle Time Internal Cache Latch Latch Buffer Latch Savepoint Latch Wait Latch Wait per Execution Latch Wait Rate Lead Blockers Lock Bulk Update Lock Exclusive Lock Intent Lock Schema Lock Shared Lock Update Lock Wait Lock Wait Rate Lock Wait per Execution Log Buffer Log Other Log Synchronization Log Wait Log Wait per Execution Log Wait Rate Log Write Logical Reads Logical Reads per Execution Max Degree of parallelism Max DTU Percent Max Session Percent Max Workers Percent Memory Wait Memory Wait per Execution Memory Wait Rate Network HTTP Network I/O Network IPC Network Mirror Network Wait Network Wait per Execution Network Wait Rate OLEDB Provider Full Text Other Miscellaneous Other Wait Other Wait per Execution Other Wait Rate Parallelism Wait Percent of Total Plan Recompilations Physical Reads Physical reads per Execution Preemptive Wait Preemptive wait per Execution Preemptive Wait Rate Remote Provider Wait Remote Provider wait per Execution Remote Provider Wait Rate Row count Service Broker Synchronous Task Wait Time Percent Writes Writes per Execution XTP Log write Wait XTP Miscellaneous Wait XTP Procedure Wait XTP Transaction Wait XTP Wait XTP Wait per Execution XTP Wait Rate


Cartridges extend the functionality of Foglight and are installed on the Foglight Management Server. A cartridge contains one or more components, such as agents for deployment, communication capabilities, and modifications to the way that data is transformed or handled, as well as rules, reports, and views. When a cartridge is installed and enabled, its components become part of the Management Server. Adding cartridges allows users to monitor additional parts of their environment. For further details about managing cartridges, See the Foglight Administration and Configuration Guide.

Client Machines

The machines on which the client executable (connected to Azure SQL Database) is running.

CPU Usage

When SQL statements and other types of calls are made to Azure SQL Database, an amount of CPU time is necessary to process the call. Average calls require a small amount of CPU time. However, an SQL statement involving a large amount of data or a runaway query can potentially consume a large amount of CPU time, reducing CPU time available for other processing.

CPU utilization is the most important operating system statistic in the tuning process. Excessive CPU usage usually means that there is little idle CPU on the system. This could be caused by an inadequately-sized system, by untuned SQL statements, or by inefficient application programs.

CPU Wait

Wait Time (seconds) until the CPU resource is available. Time spent by the session waiting in the system's run queue for CPU cycles. The amount of time is dependent upon the number of concurrent processes and threads requesting CPU time. The metric value should be inspected in conjunction with the value of the Run Queue Length metric.

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