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Foglight for Apache 5.9.1 - Release Notes

Resolved issues and enhancements

Resolved issues and enhancements

This release of Foglight for Apache does not include any fix or enhancement.



Known issues

Known issues

The following is a list of issues known to exist at the time of this release.

Defect ID

Known Issue


HTTPS is not supported for Apache server 1.3.x.


Apache server versions 2.1.x (Beta releases) are not supported.


The Apache ExtendedStatus module truncates site name at 31 if the length is more than 31. As a result, agent cannot match request connection with such site.
Workaround: Apache does not support those sites whose name is more than 31 characters. However, if you have to name the site using more than 31 characters, you must add the site name into "Include Sites" list in ASP setting. Other sites you want to monitor should be also added to this list.


Support for Apache version from 1.3.2, however before version 2.0(included), agent does not report dependency.
Workaround: Upgrade Apache server to 2.2 or later, since v1.3.x and 2.0.x is EOL.


There will be topology churn when creating two or more agents to monitor the same Apache instance. Multiple agents monitoring the same Apache server is not allowed.


The Apache agent is designed to monitor only one Apache web server per agent. If you have a load balancer environment with more than one Apache server, do not use the external balanced server status URL to create the monitor agent. The host name of that URL may be resolved to different Apache server IP addresses by the DNS and this breaks the rule of one Apache agent to one Apache server.
Workaround: Create a unique Apache monitoring agent for each Apache server behind the load balancer, so that each agent uses its own server status URL for monitoring. It is recommended that you use an internal IP address that directly references a specific Apache web server instead of going through the load balancer.
For Apache web servers version 2.4 or later, the agent reports errors to the Management Server when this issue is detected.


Third party known issues

Third party known issues

The following is a list of third party issues known to exist at the time of this release.

Defect ID

Known Issue


The Apache agent cannot monitor an Apache server that is set up with HTTPS and its certificate is generated with a DH key that is greater than 1024. For more information about the Java DH restriction, see .

Workaround 1: Use HTTP to monitor this Apache server.

Workaround 2: If the private key that is used to generate the certificate for the Apache server does not use the DH algorithm, you can disable the DH algorithm in the file of the agent.

To disable the DH algorithm:

  1. Open the file from the following location: <JRE_HOME>/lib/security.

  2. Add the following code to the file: jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms=DHE,ECDHE,DH.

  3. Save your changes.


Upgrade and compatibility

Upgrade and compatibility

Foglight for Apache version 5.9.1 requires Foglight Management Server version 5.6.3 and later, and Foglight Agent Manager version 5.9.7 and later.

Note: Customers who need to upgrade their Apache cartridge from 5.6.5 to 5.9.1 and require their data from the 5.6.5 version be compatible with the 5.9.1 version should contact Quest Support for help. Quest Support can reference APPB-340 for different solutions on how to perform a data migration with 5.6.5 data in different scenarios.

The following Foglight product versions and platforms are compatible with this release.

Product Name

Product Version


Foglight Management Server

5.6.3 and later

All Platforms supported by this version of the Foglight Management Server

Foglight Agent Manager
Note: The monitoring agents available in this version of Foglight for Apache support the Agent Manager HA failover mode. For more information about this mode, see the Agent Manager Guide.

5.9.7 and later

All Platforms supported by this version of the Foglight Agent Manager


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