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Foglight Cost Director 6.0.0 - Release Notes

Resolved issues and enhancements

Resolved issues and enhancements

This 6.0.0 release of Foglight Cost Director accompanies the release of Foglight Evolve 6.0.0. This release does not include any resolved issues or enhancements:


Known issues

Known issues

The following is a list of issues known to exist at the time of this release.

Defect ID

Known Issue


The value of "I/O Operation Cost per 100,000" can only show 3 decimal places by default, so the value of this metric cannot be less than 0.001.


It's not allowed to change the name of default Organization/ Business Unit/ Price Plan/ Storage Price Plan.


Sometimes some values will not changed to default vaule when resetting price plan.


Cannot edit the name of Organization/ Business Unit/ Price Plan, therefore, duplicated names exist.



Upgrade and compatibility

Upgrade and compatibility

Foglight Cost Director 6.0.0 requires Management Server version 6.0.0 and Foglight Agent Manager version 6.0.0. It also requires Foglight for VMware Lite version 6.0.0 and Foglight for Hyper-V Lite version 6.0.0.


The following Foglight product versions and platforms are compatible with this release.

Product Name

Product Version


Foglight Management Server 6.0.0 All platforms supported by this version of the Foglight Management Server

Foglight Agent Manager


All platforms supported by this version of the Foglight Agent Manager

Foglight Evolve


All platforms supported by this version of Foglight Evolve


System requirements 

System requirements 

For information about system requirements for this release, see the corresponding Foglight System Requirements and Platform Support Guide.


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